Crime Mob Reunite for New Album?

I’ve read this all over the social media and I’m glad that this is true. I miss this group because they had songs that made you want to get krunk or yep in my white t or even rock yo hips. 

For those who don’t know who Crime Mob is, you were born in the wrong generation. This group was so amazing, even though I always thought that Lil Scrappy was apart of them. They had hits, such as; “Rock Yo Hips”, “In My White T”, “Stilletos” and everyone’s favorite “Knuck If You Buck”.  That song had you either want to fight or just jump around in a circle with your friends at a party.

Even though they haven’t been out in a while because they’ve been doing their own thing, best believe their songs still get played at parties and clubs.

I’m so here for this new album and them being back together. I wonder are they going to keep the sound they had in 2000s or will they follow the trend of this new generation?

– Santana

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