[INTERVIEW] Mathew Knowles’ Group, BLUSH, Releases New Song and Sneak Peek of Video

BLUSH will leave your skin flushed! This versatile hip-hop and R&B trio is the new uplifting women’s empowerment, LGBTQ awareness, taking care of business, powerhouse force on the music scene. Recently, they sat down to have an exclusive interview with Southern Laced. The group’s members opened up to us and shared some of their qualities that make them “the group” to focus on and why they will steal everyone’s hearts and musical minds.

BLUSH Promo Pic 2017 1

The group consists of three members – two rappers Bunni Ray and Sunni, and Tali, the singer (pictured center). There has never been a trio featuring two rappers, so this alone makes them distinctive.

The group expressed that they are excited with their new collaborations. They will be approaching a more feminine, high tempo, and energetic type of Hip/Hop R&B.

Take a look at the Q&A session with the group.

Blush Dallas 2016

Q. Who is your dream artist to work with?

Tali: Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Chance The Rapper are amongst a lot of other artists. The type artist that you could make history with are the type of artists we want to work with.

Q. What Inspired the new single “Work” and how did it come about?

Tali: We were working on creating something that went against the grain… Something that brought back that dancing, Salt & Pepper feel. We used us as BLUSH to inspire it all. We wanted to touch on relationships because those are really important and they really take a lot of work to make them successful.

We wanted to express the Women’s Empowerment Movement because we are all a part of it experiencing it.

Q. Why do you feel that it is important to convey that message about the LGBTQ community with your new single and who is the member it relates to?

Sunni: I am a firm believer in people being themselves… whoever you feel you are. You can be the best you. For a long time, I felt I was being who my mother wanted me to be and society wanted me to be. That was not being true to myself.

Overcoming that, I wanted to express, for those who are struggling with those issues, that it is okay to be who you are.

Blush 082016PHL

Q. What are you doing to prove yourself or silence haters? 

Tali: You don’t silence the haters. Mr. Knowles was strong in teaching us that there is no such thing as bad publicity. As of now, we are not aware of any haters. We are really humble and grateful because there have been good responses (where in general girl groups, there would have been a little disconnect). We are getting a lot of good responses with the crowd support and have been very interactive with our fans.

If we do get it (haters), we’re not gone fall down. We’re not gone break. We’re probably gone laugh about it because we’re jokesters and we prank on each other. So we’re excited about what’s about to come… the good and the bad.

Q. What are the areas that you want to make an impact with your group?

A. Unity amongst all girls… Feel good music…. We want to impact the children because they are future responders of the industry as well. We are very big on the type of music we create and the visuals we put out there because we want them to be able to sit down and watch it.

We felt that we got a stamp of approval from a male-dominated lane when Mystical had us on the track Cinderella.

Q. What other things were you doing before you guys joined the group?

A. Rapping… freestyling… but mostly we were young and in school. We all had our different ways that we were introduced to music.

Q. 10 years down the road, looking back, what do you want to say you left as a legacy? (Lasting Legacy)

Tali: We want to be the best girls group in the world. There are no other girl groups doing what we are doing and we want to have that type of impact. We (want to know that we) affected people through our music. A person may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel. That’s something that we will live by.

Q. It is said that when women get together, there are relational issues. Tell us about your chemistry. Do you experience drama?

A. We live together and are real upfront with each other. So we connect very well. The whole living together experience helped out with that. We’ve gotten to know all about each other from that and have great chemistry. We keep the lines of communication wide open so we all have a clear understanding of each other’s feelings. We believe in firmly making things work.

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We are so excited about this candid, exclusive interview with BLUSH! Be sure to follow this awesomely talented group as they make their transitions to the screens as well as through the social media world by connecting with them on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @OfficiallyBlush
Instagram: officially_blush
Website: www.officiallyblush.com

Music to Make You Blush

Beats to Make You “Work!”


Mathew Knowles’ Hit Female Hip Hop Trio Blush-Is Making You WORK For It With New Song. NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!

ABOUT Mathew Knowles & Music World Entertainment:
MWE was founded by Mathew Knowles, founder, President, and CEO. It was crowned by Billboard magazine as one of the Top Imprint Labels of the decade (2000-2009) with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and a roster of other greats. www.musicworldent.com

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