Why Apple Airpods Could Transform Your Listening

There was a lot of excitement from Apple fans when the Airpods were first announced. They are the next generation of wireless earphones, and many feel as though they will have set the benchmark for the future of this type of earphone. Of course, doubts began to spread when the release was delayed, but now that they are here we can finally find out why they are the next big thing.


Why Airpods are So Exciting

They are incredibly fast to set up, especially when compared with other Bluetooth devices. All you need to do is turn the Airpods on, and a notification will pop up on your phone asking if you want to connect. Once you have confirmed that, they are connected for life. Of course, you can fiddle further with the settings if needed.

Leading on from the Bluetooth, you will find that it does not drop very often at all. This is a big thing for wireless earphones, especially as Bluetooth is not perfect technology. So, while you should expect it to drop a couple of time, the drop rate when compared to other Bluetooth devices is insanely low. This is a fantastic feature, and one that should fill you with confidence.

Once you have fiddled with the settings and controls, you will have the features that are best suited to you. For example, you can turn Siri’s voice control settings off if you need to. If you want to take calls, change tracks, or play with the volume, all it takes are a series of taps to the Airpods themselves while they are in your ears. This makes everything so much easier to access.

The sound quality is fantastic as well. It’s clear and crisp, so that you can hear everything clearly no matter where you are. Calls and music were tested by people riding bicycles, and they found that they overall quality was not affected by this activity.

They also come with a little box that works as a charger. You simply slot the Airpods into them, and they will give your earphones an additional 24 hours of charge on top of the five hours that they normally last for. This makes them much more portable, so you can take them everywhere with you without worrying about the battery levels.


The Downsides to the Airpods

Of course, there are always downsides to new products, and the Airpods are not exempt from this. The biggest one has to be the price. They are incredibly expensive for something so small. You can expect to pay $250 + for a pair of these, which is high compared to the standard Earpods that are priced at a mere $20.

They are a little odd-looking as well. The way in which they hang from the ears does make it look like you are wearing a pair of broken Earpods. Many feel as though there could have been some improvement on the overall design to make them look a little better, and perhaps smaller.

To Conclude

Apple Airpods certainly have their disadvantages, but the pros far outweigh the cons. In many ways, they really are the benchmark for the future of wireless earphones, and we should feel some serious excitement thanks to them. Apple Airpods are the next big thing, and if you haven’t got a pair already, then it is certainly worth saving up and getting yourself down to the closest Apple store.

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