Part III: The Dos and Don’t s of Cuffing Season on National Boyfriend Day

Today is National Boyfriend Day. Who made up this holiday? I have no idea, but it’s all over social media.

If you’re officially cuffed for Cuffing Season, a holiday like this may leave you in a state of confusion. It all depends on how you handle it.

As long as you know that cuffing is not the equivalent to dating, you should be okay.

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Unfortunately, there’s still 30% of you that probably STILL believe that cuffing is the same as dating. So, to get you through this holiday… let’s examine some of the dos and don’ts of cuffing season.

DO send a text saying, “Happy Boyfriend Day!” By this time, you’ve probably already established some form of connection. Playful flirtation is okay.

DON’T post a picture or status to your cuffer/cuffee on social media unless  you have a mutual understanding. Just because other couples are doing it doesn’t mean you have permission to do it.

DO make special plans today. Cook for him… watch a movie with him… spend some time with him… listen to the playlist I shared on last week.

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DON’T panic if he doesn’t want to celebrate National Boyfriend Day. Calm down. It’s okay if he’s not comfortable with it.

DO communicate about how you really feel about the relationship. If you start to catch feelings, things can get a little complicated. It’s always important to be upfront.

DON’T be afraid to uncuff yourself. If things start to get awkward, maybe… just maybe cuffing season really isn’t for you. It’s not too late to bow out gracefully.

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