Part I: “What Is Cuffing Season?” Featuring 3 Anonymous Guest

Just what is cuffing season?  Many of you have probably heard about it. And because Fall is right around the corner, you’ll probably be hearing even more about it.

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To me, cuffing season officially begins when the weather starts to get cooler. During this time, you’ll find that a large number of single people become desperate and lonely.  Because of this, they find it necessary to choose someone to settle down with after spending all those hot spring and summer months doing who and whatever they wanted to do with no strings attached .

drake music rihanna pop 3When asked what cuffing season meant to them, here’s what three anonymous people had to say:

“Well, generally, cuffing season happens during the Fall and Winter. Cuffing season is the time when you find someone to settle down with during the season. Going to the Fair, drinking hot cocoa under the mistletoe toe on Christmas Eve, etc. Honestly, you see more people getting together during this period than any other season. And more relationships form during this time. This is why people refer to this as “cuffing season”.” -M.H.

beyonce queen jay z beyonce and jay z bey and jay“Cuffing season is when two people who are in a relationship are together all the time. It’s about being with that person every minute, every second, and every hour… and enjoying it.” -W.E.omar epps love and basketball endless sanaa lathan 500h“Cuffing season is a time (usually when the Fall hit) that everyone starts to find them a bae or girlfriend/boyfriend for the cold to cuddle with and cover up hoeing for some people.” -D.P.

img_1575Is cuffing season equivalent to dating? Find out next week… Until then, follow me on Twitter.


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  1. I Am Rey says:

    Just wrote a similar post! Nice blog girlie!

  2. Kelly Stone says:

    Thanks! I have great contributors!!! #teamwork

  3. This is about accurate! One of my YouTube subscribers just sent me a guide to the dates of cuffing season and essentially started writing out a playbook for how to handle it, haha. I still feel like November and December are part of my “I have to make it to the end of the year” rush, and then I get more in the mood for cuddling toward January… but last year I was in a relationship starting on Halloween and single as of New Year’s Day, so it’s just totally random for me.

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