Person of the Week: Former Basketball/European All Star… John Best

Lately “we” have witnessed minority injustices, black people “live and direct” brutality with the power of the media, Internet and cell phone. What has been underneath for so long is now public and worldwide.

Black Lives Matter, Brigade Anti Negrophobie, College students, Athletes/Entertainers ect…are finally speaking out the truth about racism in our society.

It’s a reality… Sad, but a true reality. We have to act by ourselves and for ourselves in our communities.

With the Knowledge of Self and the Knowledge of God… WHO CAN STOP YOU?


We need to be role models for our communities… For the youth and generation to be. Just like:

Carlos Harris Jr. a Former College Football star turned young entrepreneur…

Chef Po Urban kitchen from Mississippi who landed her own business (Check out her Seafood Gumbo folks!)

Akin Ayodele a NFL Vet… Community giver, Inspirational Speaker, and Businessman…

Just to name a few… Black is magic!

So, today I will introduce you to John Best, a Former Basketball/European All Star turned Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Radio/TV personality.


Q: From a Basketball European superstar, you chose the humble life of a teacher at HAVEN VIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL. You are also famous for helping youth in the projects. What made you make this choice?

John Best: I have to give credit to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Through him, my behavior, attitude and understanding of the world as well as the understanding of myself and others has taken me around the world. Because of that, and all of my world experiences, it is only right that I come back and be an example for those children. I was treated with the utmost respect because of the Teachings.

Because now that I am an adult, it’s my duty to go back and help the little ones who need it the most. The young people are warriors and their spirit is like no other spirit in black culture. They need direction or better yet counsel from the older men. I want to see them shine and be the best that they can be.


Q: Being overseas for so long during your basketball career… Berlin, Paris… back to the US. What are your thoughts on your country?

John Best: I love my country, but our country is witnessing some very interesting historical and social moments. What we used to see outside our country, we now are seeing inside our country. We have some healing… we (black people) have been through a lot, under a lot of oppression and mental slavery. Just the other day, I was walking past a car with two women, and immediately, they lock their car doors. Why? Because I am a tall black guy, that’s it. I was dressed nice, just got out of a decent car, but yet, they locked their doors. So, yes, I love my country because my people built this country. We all have work to do before America can shine again.


Q: You are a family man… a man of Faith. You are also dedicated to others. It’s obviously a family thing knowing that your son, after a brilliant college football career, chose to come back like you… to be a teacher and help his community! (salute)

John Best: I am very proud of Jameel Best for his decision-making skills. He could have done many other things. I will share this with you, I had not shared this with anyone …My son said, he wants to have an effect on the young students from the inner city like I did. That was touching.


Q: You run a radio and TV station called 88.5FM and C19TV for Shelby County School District in Memphis, Tennessee. You were also famous for your net radio station with some famous guests playing their favorite jams like NBA star Tracy Murray (slow jams sessions)… pretty impressive! Tell us more about this net radio.

John Best: While in Berlin, Germany I started for my love of music. I needed a release from playing ball so hard every day and music was my peace. So, in Berlin, I created the internet station The Best Jams. From there, I went to Chalon, France and that is where I was interviewed on TF1 France and 2 million people watched as I talked about internet radio while playing Pro Ball in France. Now, I work for a real radio station and all that I was doing while living in France working on The Best Jams… paid off today.


Q:Finally.What are your expectations/hope for the elections to come… Some words and advice for the youth?

John Best: No matter who wins, will our lives as black people change? Will the condition of our people change? I think we may be in for some serious times. Some dark times may be ahead for us because RACISM is very alive and well and no matter how much money a black man has, he is still looked at in some circles as just a Negro. Famous words from Muhammad Ali, recently he said after all these years and notoriety, he is STILL A N###A! So, all my expectations are with God, I put trust in God not man. Please understand young people…YOU ARE gods, CHILDREN of the MOST HIGH God! You are mighty, powerful and if the youth UNITE, their power would be stronger than an ATOMIC BOMB. Whatever field of study, whatever job, YOUNG PEOPLE….STRIVE HARD AND DO YOUR BEST. BE DO HAVE!!!! That’s what I want the young folks to know in closing. Go to the dictionary and look up BE and then DO and then HAVE. That is the key to their success.

Thank you Southern Laced for the opportunity to speak to my brothers and Sisters. John Best was my basketball name, but all the time I was playing pro ball my best title I ever had was your BROTHER. That’s why everyone calls me Brother John now. I am your brother, FOREVER! PEACE…

Photo Courtesy of John Best

Find more about John Best on 88.5 FM or and Best In Black Award Memphis.



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