Former College Football Star turn Fashion Entrepreneur of Creatives Denim

Name: Carlos Harris, 22 years old
Occupation: Designer
Location: Dallas, Texas


Q: Tell us about your journey from football to Creative Denims. What made you want a career in fashion?

A: My transition over from football to fashion was a very smooth one. I was always into fashion all throughout college. So it was always something I loved and was just as passionate about. I used the same work ethic I had from football to help me push myself in the fashion designs I wanted to make. From the field to the sewing machine, I give it 110 percent.

Q: Did you complete any studies in fashion?

A: In college, I never studied any fashion courses. I basically self-taught myself to make the things I wanted. My motto was… If I can’t afford it, I will find a way to make it for a cheaper price with still a high-quality product.


Q: How do you keep up in the fast-paced fashion industry?

A: Trying to keep up with fashion is impossible! There’s always something new coming back in style. What I try to do is stay creative, different and not always follow the crowd. It’s cool to sometimes ride the wave, but not always.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? 

A: I really started getting into fashion because of my granddad and dad. They are both well-dressed individuals and I wanted to follow in their footsteps and keep it going. Also, seeing a famous YouTuber, Jacob J. Keller,  always inspired me. Seeing people happy and loving the denim I make inspires me to keep pushing forward and create more products.


Q: What are some of your major achievements?

A: Some of my major achievements are…

  1. My men’s collection will be released to the public next month; and
  2. Just managing my own business.

I feel it’s a cool thing to me in life… being young and balancing my profit margin and orders. It’s exciting.

Q: Has Creative Denims evolved since you started? 

A: Creative Denims has evolved since I first started. I now have a few websites that carry my denim. I’ve had a lot more sales in the past couple of months. Business is really picking up.


Q: Who’s your target market?

A: My target market is any and everyone who wears jeans, which is everyone. So the market is there for the taking. With fashion being behind here in Texas, I find it easy to promote and sell here.

Q: What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a fashion entrepreneur?

A: For someone who is coming into fashion, some advice would be… just be you, create what you feel you love and don’t copy what others are doing. It’s okay to reference from others and add your twist.

And know that nothing happens overnight you have to put in the hours and work to see progress with your business.


Q: Currently, what are some of your favorite fashion trends?

A: I love the dad hat trend that has come along. I’ve started to rock more myself. And, personally, I love cropped trousers.

For more information about Carlos, follow him on Instagram @Carlosdharrisjr_  and  @Creative_denims

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