How to Choose a Swimsuit Based on Your Body Type

Photo by Dc Lovensky on Unsplash

Even though there’s still a lot of time before summer comes, the truth is that buying a new swimsuit is a never-ending issue that bugs us even in the middle of winter. That’s exactly why you should start looking for it right now, and you may even find a great piece on sale these days. However, if you don’t really know how to pick one for your body type, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are some useful tips on how to get it done, so check them out and enjoy!

Body type #1: Small bust

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Finding a swimsuit that flatters your bust can be a real challenge, no matter if you have smaller or bigger breasts. One of the best ways to give your small chest a little bit of a boost is to find a top with some intricate embellishments or ruffles, as these will give the illusion of larger chest. All kinds of prints that feature a plethora of detail and colors are never a bad idea, so be sure you take them into consideration as well. However, if you still aren’t satisfied, you can also get a top with padding which will certainly give your girls something extra.

Body type #2: Large bust

Photo by Jovaughn Stephens on Unsplash

On the other hand, gals with larger breasts often can’t find a good top that’ll keep their girls in place simply because a small number of bikinis can fulfill their needs. If you have a huge chest, you should know that string bikinis won’t do anything for you, as well as strapless tops that can look quite unflattering on big breasts. The same goes for swimsuit tops that come in sizes S, M, and L, so be sure you look for appropriate cup sizes and underwire that provides enough support. Double-stitched bands and thick bathing suit straps are also a must, as they’ll help you look as fabulous as possible.

Body type #3: Love handles

Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

Yes, we know that the majority of ladies hate their love handles, but what can you do? These simply won’t go no matter how much time you spend at the gym, so you should accept them as a part of your body you shouldn’t be ashamed of. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t conceal them right before you head straight to the beach. All you have to do is check out stylish high waisted bikinis and pick a bottom that extends above your belly button. Make sure that it isn’t too tight either, in order to prevent any bulges and rolls. As for the print and color – the more colorful the better!

Body type #4: Big tummy

Photo by Asaf R on Unsplash

Contrary to popular belief, hiding a bigger tummy is actually much easier than people think, as there are so many fantastic options that can suit anyone’s needs. Ruched one-piece swimsuits with are never a bad choice, as they can conceal your stomach and make you look slimmer. The same goes for peplums, which play a huge role if you want to hide your belly. Apart from these, you can also put a focus on your décolletage and pick a one-piece with a plunging neckline. That’s exactly how you should accentuate your attributes while covering the problematic mid-section.

Body type #5: Athletic

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

As you already know, athletic bodies are strong, lean, and skinny, so the main goal is to give the illusion of more curves. You should skip ordinary one-pieces that are likely to make you look shapeless, as well as boy-cut briefs and straight-across bandeaus. Such swimsuits will emphasize your athletic figure even more, so you should pick a top with cups and padding for a curvier look. Feminine prints and bright colors are also more than welcome, so you should opt for them, too.

Body type #6: Curvy

Photo by Danny Kekspro on Unsplash

Curvy girls who have a full bust, thighs, butt, and hips can also encounter a lot of issues when searching for a perfect swimsuit, but you don’t have to worry at all because there are tricks that can help you make that happen. First of all, you should go for retro pieces that can highlight your body shape, and high waisted bottoms with matching boxy halter tops are definitely a fantastic choice. The same goes for color blocking, which can accentuate your curves even more. Asymmetrical swimsuits are also a good idea – just make sure to find a piece that provides enough support and coverage at the same time, and you’ll be more than fine!


As you can see, there are so many tips and tricks you should bear in mind when buying a brand new swimsuit. Just be sure you know your body type and love yourself in the first place, and you’ll surely nail this task like a true pro!

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