New York Fashion Week Style Inspiration

From Oscar de la Renta’s splendid new pieces to Carolina Herrera handing the torch to Wes Gordon after her very last personal collection, the New York Fashion Week was certainly full both of excitement and excellent clothes. For all us fashion lovers, most of the pieces seen are a real inspiration, and we can’t wait to try out some of them and combine them with our own wardrobe. Ready for some experimentation and a fresh new style to try? Then take a look at some of the hottest new trends.

A nod to 80s

It might be the time to look in the back of your closet (or your mom’s closet) and pull out all those wide belts, boxy coats and jackets, and anything neon-coloured. Go big, go over the top, wear chunky jewelry and headbands! We’re clearly bringing back fun to fashion and now it’s all about a slightly futuristic take on the 80s period. Why not match crazy-patterned tights with a cute mini dress and big earrings? Or go the Alexander Wang way and pick a pink neon jacket to wear with slim black pants and boots – it’s the perfect mix of alien, retro, and chic.

Leopard print

Okay, a red dress, some heels, and a grandiose leopard print coat that you simply must match with a vibrant red lipstick! That’s right, it’s time to bring out all the drama, to put on your grand dame costume and sashay around looking fabulous. If you want something a little more subtle (is leopard print ever subtle, though?), stick to a blouse paired with skinny jeans. A V-neck will look great, but you can also feel free to accessorize a boring black dress with a pair of leopard print shoes and a scarf. We’re big fans of Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham outwear that we saw on the runway, so consider investing in a fun little dress or a fur coat.

Lightness and romance

Time to put on some frills and soft, silky things. If you want that delicate, playful look to grace your body, we recommend something Tory Burch-inspired – white, flowy dresses that have a spring vibe to them. Also, playsuits are another wonderful option, especially now that warmer weather is coming. Short, sweet and made of breeze materials, cute playsuits in the USA have always been popular, so find something with a colourful pattern that will give you that boho chic vibe. Pair it with leather sandals and maybe a denim jacket and you’ve got a sweet little look on your hands.

Suave simplicity

Simple elegance was one of the key looks for the night, as evident by Carolina Herrera’s slew of sophisticated looks – white blouse, jewels, ball skirt, and a wide belt around the waist. Her signature look is now making history all over again, and it’s time to pay tribute to the retiring creative genius that gave us so much good fashion over the years.

Blanket scarves

Tie them around your bag, wear them over your shoulders, and make sure that the pattern matches your dress. Huge, comfy blanket-like scarves to both keep you warm and make you look stylish, we’re loving the combo because it gives us great possibilities – think of creative ways to wear it and make it your signature look.

Now’s the time to play around! We’re clearly bringing back some of our favourite old trends and pushing boundaries to put a new spin on them, so mix and match your fashion to create something unique. Walk down the street, smile, and don’t forget to look confident – this is the key to style and fashion.

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