Tony T. Yarber was born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in the west Jackson neighborhood known as Subdivision #2. Yarber, who is the Pastor and founder of Relevant Empowerment Church and former Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, is a renowned motivational speaker and a pioneer in leadership development. He is also the author of Man Tips: What She Wants You to Know.

Yarber, who has touched lives as a teacher, school administrator, councilman, and pastor,  lives by the motto, “Helping people become better today than they were yesterday.” With his educational, political, and religious background, Yarber continues to change lives as a consultant and facilitator at Making It Happen Motivational Solutions, LLC.

Recently, Southern Laced had the opportunity to conduct a Q & A with Tony T. Yarber. Here’s what he had to say….


Question: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Answer: This week’s interesting read came as a result of research for my sermon. I read an article that talks about the disparity in the education of black folks concerning the end of life planning. Less than 15% of us actually have written advanced directives.


Question: What brings you the greatest joy?

Answer: I love family get-togethers. I love kickbacks with “my people”.

Question: What’s on your bookshelf?

Answer: Everything from educational research to self-helps.

Question: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Answer: Every fight is not my fight. But, every fight I’m in, give it all you’ve got.

Question: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Answer: In my spare time, I love anything football. But, most importantly, I like to be left alone.  LOL..

To keep up with the latest from Tony T. Yarber, visit him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Tony Yarber, YouTube at olemanyarber, and


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Tony T. Yarber is an accomplished motivational speaker and leadership developer from Jackson, MS. A graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi and Jackson State University, Tony has obtained necessary skills, knowledge, and wisdom to assist the current and future generations. Tony maintains the ability to cross-generational, cultural and professional bridges to inspire, captivate and more importantly motivate students, staff, and leaders. Born in Jackson, MS to Mr. and Mrs. George Yarber, Tony began preparing for his revolutionary role and as a leader very early in life. A product of Jackson Public Schools and a drug-infested neighborhood in Southwest Jackson, Tony is the ultimate success story and shares the keys to this success through his motivational and leadership presentations and seminars.

Tony has dedicated his entire career to fulfilling his lifelong mission of impacting the lives of others through his motto, “Helping people become better today than they were yesterday”. Through dedicated service as a teacher, administrator, councilman, and pastor, Tony has touched the lives of countless individuals. In addition, Tony and his wife, Rosalind (Tweet), have also impacted relationships nationwide through much sought after counseling services. By approaching relationships with firm principles and honesty that breeds open communication, Mr. and Mrs. Yarber are changing the views on relationships, and ultimately the lives of people in communities all around the world. Through his passion, relationships reach their full potential, Tony believes the fundamental truth: “Strong Marriages breed Strong Families, Strong Families breed Strong Communities, and Strong Communities breed a Strong Nation.”

Tony’s innate ability to provide relevant, practical views on relationships, family, and other life obstacles has attracted audiences from all across the nation. Through relevant teaching and practical life strategies, Tony provides encouragement and empowerment to listeners everywhere. Although his accomplishments are many, Tony still believes that the way to change lives is through education and life application.

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