In the midst of chaos during Hurricane Irma, Bylynn Hatcher emerged as one of the #HotCops from the Gainesville Police Department. Although social media was taken back by his dashing good looks, those who know him best can attest that he’s just as beautiful on the inside. As a cop for four years, not only does Hatcher believe that his job is to “protect and serve”, he also believes in making a difference in the community.

In the past, Hatcher was known for his time playing college basketball at Ashland University in Ohio. Following college, he made his mark as an ABA (American Basketball Associating) semi-pro basketball player. Currently, Hatcher spends his time mentoring youth in the community and enjoying hobbies such as fitness, acting, basketball, and modeling.

Here’s what Brylynn Hatcher had to share with Southern Laced…


Q: What made you decide to get into modeling and acting?

BH: I like to show people that I’m an educated person. I also like to show off my “grown and sexiness”.

Modeling and acting is something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s another way for people to see another side of me.

Q: You’ve traveled across the country with your modeling career, how did you feel when you did your first shoot overseas?

BH: That was exciting because that was my first time doing a shoot outside the country and actually going to Italy, Rome, and the Amalfi coast. I come from humble beginnings, so it was a different experience.

I hope to continue doing this modeling thing and get into some acting as well.


Q: What type of movie roles would you like to get into?

BH: I have a versatile personality, but I would like to start off with a bad ass movie. From there, I would like to do some action. I’m pretty athletic. So I can handle stunts as well.

After landing a bad ass movie, I would like to transition into some other roles.

Q: Can you give us some fitness tips about how to get abs?

BH: The key to having a 6-pack is not as simple as it seems. A lot of people think it’s about going to the gym hours and hours a day, but it’s not. You have to start with your diet. It depends on what you’re eating. You need to eat a lot of sweet potatoes, broccoli, salmon, and lean meat.

If you eat right and exercise at the same time, you’ll get the results.


Q: After Hurrican Irma, you became a social media sensation. Has the media attention been overwhelming at times?

BH: I’m kind of used to it because of the athletic aspect of me being a former semi-pro basketball player. I was one of the better basketball players. So I would get a little bit of attention in the media.

You just have to remember to embrace it and remain humble.

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Bylynn Hatcher, one of the #HotCops from the Gainesville Police Department who was “highlighted” on social media and HLN shortly after Hurricane Irma, has many sides to him! He loves mentoring and, as such, regularly mentors community youth.

Fitness is a major part of his life. He played college basketball at Ashland University in Ohio. After college, in 2010, he played “ABA” (American Basketball Association) semi-pro basketball. The first team that he played for was the Stark Revolution in Canton. The Florida Meko, a traveling team based out of Gainesville, FL, was the second team that he played for. He graduated with his bachelor’s in criminal justice and a minor in sociology.

His hobbies are fitness, acting, basketball, modeling, and pretty much anything that challenges him physically and mentally. He loves modeling as that is another way for him to express his “grown & sexy” as well as his hard work at the gym. He’s been a cop for four years. In this role, he has come to realize how many people depend on and put a lot of trust in him. He looks at this job as not just one to “protect and serve” but also to make a difference in the community one lives in.

For him, acting is definitely fun and challenging and he would like to do more of it. Check him out in this Hyundai commercial.

He enjoys traveling and would love to travel more especially for modeling. Recently, he traveled to Rome and Amalfi coast, Italy for a photo shoot.

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