The Relationship between Health and Beauty

The bond between health and beauty is an unbreakable one. One doesn’t exist without the other and that’s one simple truth. You can purchase and religiously use all the most expensive makeup and skincare products money can buy, but if true health isn’t shining from within, it’s all in vain. To that end, we have created a list, or a checklist if you will, of things you can do to improve your overall health and wellness, and once you’ve checked every item on the list, we can guarantee that your face will be a reflection of what goes inside, in a good way of course.

Let go of the vices

If you’re a smoker, well, we hate (actually love) to break it to you, but you simply have to quit. Quitting smoking is not only paramount to the condition of your skin, but you are well-aware of what it’s doing to your body. Aside from the big C, that is the worst case scenario consequence, there are of course other downsides to smoking, one of them being the appearance of your skin. First off, nicotine can cause lack or poor sleep, which subsequently leads to you waking up with those bags and dark circles under your eyes. There are also those awful smokers’ yellow teeth, and you have to admit, that’s not attractive.


Finally, smoking can cause premature aging and wrinkles, and that is definitely the last thing you want. All this is incentive enough for you to stop smoking and while you’re at it, tone down your alcohol intake too, as drinking can be detrimental to your health and skin as well as it causes dehydration and inflammation. You can have the occasional drink, but choose your liquor wisely and always drink in moderation.

Eat your way to healthy skin

Ok, we are now at one of the most important steps towards health and gorgeous skin. The saying that you are what you eat is definitely true, but before you can know what to eat, you need to become aware of what not to eat. First on the ‘must go’ list are processed foods. These are usually high in sugar and fructose corn syrup, and represent empty calories with no nutritional value.

Aside from their negative effects on your health, according to Dendy Engelman: ”Eating tons of sugar forms advanced glycation end products causes protein fibers in the body to become stiff and malformed, and the proteins most prone to glycation are collagen and elastin – those that make your skin plump and springy”. This doesn’t sound good, does it?

So, what to eat?

In order to keep that temple of a body happy and healthy, you need to adjust your diet. The first thing you want to adopt is a diet filled with color and superfoods. These include eggs, prunes, all kinds of greens, and abundance of berries and so much more. Not only will you feel the best you’ve ever felt in your life, but you might even lose a couple of those pesky pounds, not to mention that thanks to the antioxidants and fatty acids present in greens and berries will make your skin absolutely glowing.

Still, we are aware that a busy gal doesn’t always have enough time to get all her healthy nutrients through food, but that’s okay because natural Biocare products such as Adult Multivitamins & Minerals are here to provide you with additional nutritional support. We all need a little help every now and then, and luckily, vitamin complexes are now available even when we don’t have the time to make a vitamin-packed meal.

Get off the couch

You may be well aware that a lack of exercise is definitely not doing your figure any favors. However, even if you’re happy with your appearance sans exercise, your body is screaming on the inside, craving movement. Not only does regular exercise do wonders for your cardiovascular system, aside from fighting other health issues, but regular workouts, even low-impact ones have the ability to improve your mood, raise your energy levels, and even give your libido a boost. Definitely not too shabby. As far as skin goes, once your body is in spick and span shape, your body is a reflection of your great state, as well as exercise, helps with new collagen production and the increase in your blood flow keep the skin young and plump.

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