[POLL] What Are Your Plans For Labor Day Weekend 2017?

As I reflect on previous Labor Day weekends, I’m reminded of a poem I penned during a time I was extremely ill. In fear that I would never travel again, I dedicated an Ode to the Summer Solstice. 

Check it out and take the poll below…


I want to see raindrops lightly kiss umbrellas in Seattle.
I want to be able to dream of Dubai at night before sight of you loses battle.
I want to watch the sunset from the beach in Miami before the last day.
I want to be able to envision my travels on the Waterways of Italy during a stay.

I want to lay eyes on the British countryside spoken of in the U.K.
I want to glimpse The Creation of Adam in Rome on display.
I want to observe tourist on a quest for love in the streets of Paris.
I want to imprint pictures in my head to keep them close and forever cherish.

In my mind’s eye, there will be a special portrait just for friendships.
Oh! Did I mention going to Canada on a family trip?
There are too many places to list them all…
In a blink of an eye, it will be Fall.

Then,  I would cheerfully settle for a cup of coffee and comfortable nook.
It would be the perfect getaway to read about them all in a good book.

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