Summer Night-Out Outfits

The time to store away the chunky sweaters, raincoats and all other members of the ‘shifty spring weather’ club is fast approaching, and it is time you bust out your summer best. Summer is by far the best season, and for many reasons – summer romances that can blossom into something more, fun breezy nights with your girlfriends, outdoor parties, dancing it out at the club. Whichever the event, you want to put your best look forward, and that is why we are here – to provide that bit of guidance that will help you put together the best possible outfit for any given occasion.

The first date jitters

The butterflies are creating chaos in your stomach; you are filled with a mixture of giddiness, anticipation and anxiety. You want everything to be just like in your favorite movies – endless conversation, innocent touching, that great first kiss. The last thing you need is a bed full of clothes that you have considered and vetoed in your mind. The solution is far simpler than you might have thought, and it lies in the mighty dress. A dress is definitely the easiest thing to pull out of your closet and look amazing in an instant. For a first date, the outfit unmatched by any other is a classic look comprised of a great fit-and-flare dress (choose the color that accentuates your eyes and flatters your body type). This dress looks amazing on everyone, it’s elegant with an air of breeziness to it, and in combination with classic black pumps and a clutch, there is no way you can go wrong. A touch of your go-to shade of red lipstick and you will be classy and irresistible.

Mingling under the stars

Second only to romantic dates, summer nights are made for outdoor parties ‒ the warm air, a drink in your hand, scintillating conversations and twinkly lights – what more could a person want. Picking out the right ensemble for this type of event is a no-brainer. To go with the breezy summer mood, choose fun, light, whimsical and cute playsuits. The light fabric lets your skin breathe, it allows you to move freely and it simply looks stunning, not to mention that it does magic when it comes to accentuating your legs. Strappy sandals and playsuits are meant for each other, so don’t let them be apart. Throw in a sling bag in a bold color for a touch of drama, and you will be the talk of the party.

Party like it’s 1985

We are well aware that the trend of ruffles and off-the-shoulder dresses and tops is a huge one right now, but as far as the runways are concerned, they aren’t complete without bold colors, puffed-up sleeves and unapologetic glam vibes. If you are in dire need of a great night of dancing it out with your besties (and if some hearts are broken, so be it), an electric blue ruffled dress is the right choice to make. It hugs your body just right, and the levels of sexiness one bare shoulder exudes are undeniably through the roof. If you want to be a dancing queen, you have to look the part. Strappy sandals are your best companion, but choose the ones you have already worn in – you don’t want to spend the night sitting at the table and missing out all the fun, all because of that ‘new-shoes-ache’. Small purse (the tiniest clutch you have), preferably in silver completes the outfit and saves you from lugging a heavy purse around.

Going low-key

A low-key evening can mean a number of things – movie date, casual bite with your friends, an evening stroll. In terms of outfits, low-key means minimum input, maximum effortless cuteness. You can take the super-casual route – washed up high-rise jeans, a grey T-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes, a touch of makeup and a cute side braid. This look is absolutely adorable, but you can also take the slightly polished route. This one entails black skinny jeans, a white breezy blouse strategically tucked in (only in the front), a gold pendant necklace and a classic nude tote. To avoid coming off as too dolled up for a casual evening, go with ballet flats. Not only are they casual yet chic, but they feel like air on your feet, which will make that evening stroll all fun and no soreness.

– Amy Mia Goldsmith

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