Fashionista’s Guide through Beach Season

As the days are getting warmer, our minds are getting more and more occupied by thoughts of the beach season. Of course, what this means is that we are thinking more and more about summer fashion. And what piece of clothing is more “summer” than the bathing suit? The best way to showcase our style during summer’s hot months is through our choices of bathing suits and maybe how we accessorize them. So, as the fashion is moving slowly but surely from the streets to the beaches, let us take a look at this upcoming season’s biggest fashion hits and what the celebrities are wearing for a bit of inspiration.



This classic has been in style for a few seasons now, as it is not going anywhere. This beautiful style of bathing-suit tops is very flattering on any body shape. However, it will look especially flattering on girls will smaller busts, as it will make the bust look bigger. This has been the choice of many celebrity gals, with Kendall Jenner, Callie Thorpe and Selena Gomez famously rockin’ it. Although a classic in its own right, this style might not be the best choice for bustier gals, as it doesn’t offer much support.

The bikini


Perhaps the most famous of them all are the forever fashionable bikinis. This style of bathing suits has been around for what seems like forever, and it is just getting more popular. While they can be a bit too revealing for some for those brave enough to wear it, there is no better choice. The bikini has been the favorite of many ladies throughout history, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, and Ursula Andress, are the ladies who made the bikini the icon it is. This season following in their footsteps Bella Hadid and Grace Elizabeth are opting for this style as well.

One-piece swimsuit


This type of bathing suit is usually thought of as sportswear, but those days are over. Although, the one-piece suit is still very popular with athletes, it has become quite a fashion statement on the beach as well. The many styles of the modern one-piece will catch your eye whenever you come across one. This swimsuit is the choice of Emily Ratajkowski, Elsa Hosk and many others these days. There is one thing you should consider before going for a one-piece however. Will you be sunbathing? Because in that case the better choice might be a two-piece, you don’t want you torso looking three shades lighter than the rest of you.

Solid color block


Whatever style swimsuit you choose this season, one thing is a must. Solid color block! All the girls in the know agree on this, and their choice of swimwear is sending a clear message. This season, go for the solid color piece. You can choose the color you like but make sure there are no patterns. Khaki is a definite favorite this fashion season when it comes to swimwear, just ask Kendall Jenner. However, celebrities are going for different colors, so don’t be afraid to ruffle the waters with your choice. There are some choices that always work like black, red, and blue.

Now that you know what is in style this season, it’s time to hit the shops. Think about where you will wear the swimsuit, the beach or the pool? Will you be sunbathing or enjoying the sunny days from the shade? What style will make you feel most comfortable wearing? And finally, what’s your color? Once you answer these questions you’ll have your summer choice of swimwear. Whatever you choose, have fun wearing it and don’t forget to update your Instagram!

-Claire Hastings

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