Finding Our Black and Brown Girls!

Over the past weeks, many black and Latina girls have been disappearing in Washington D.C. and a lot of people have been wondering why there hasn’t been a public Amber Alert. It’s as if they are not trying to find these girls who are being kidnapped.

Many celebrities and public figures have been extremely frustrated about them finding Tom Brady’s jersey, but not these girls. I don’t even believe that this has even made national news…. but All Lives Matter?  

We always manage to see an Amber Alert when the person is white, yet not when the person is black or brown. Why do they not make international news? They put so much money out and search teams in the white communities, but barely in the black and brown communities. I never understood that in a million years.

It hurts to wake up and see things like this and nothing is being done about it. The news is always worried about what the president is doing and other nonsense that’s not even important right now. What’s important is finding these girls and bringing them home to their families.

Imagine if your sister, friend, cousin or anyone female that you know and deeply care about being taken away to who knows where. Who knows what they are doing to these girls? Nobody!

I pray and ask God to follow these girls. May He grant them a path to escape so they can have freedom and be with their love ones again.



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