Experience Gifts to Strengthen Your Relationships

A relationship is an arrangement that requires collective investment from both parties if it is to be strong and functional. There are so many things you can do to nourish a relationship, material and nonmaterial. One of the most ignored yet very important element is spending quality time together.

A majority of couples come together only to get things done or discuss issues, but not sufficient time to share what naturally bubbles up from inside of them. Remember, nurturing your values, experiences, and interests can create a formidable bond in your relationship that can survive any storm coming your way.

Some couples have even confessed that the most time they spent together is when they go for therapy or joint appointments. Not spending time together and wholeheartedly devoting attention to one another can gradually eat up your connection and leave you as emotional strangers in a skeletal relationship. Therapies may help, but even then, quality time is the ingredient emphasized the most.

You may undermine the few minutes you spend together just sharing the highlights of your upcoming day or closing the loop in the evening with some 20 minutes or so discussions on how your day has been, but these routines are the brick-and-mortar that will connect your lives.


Gift Ideas to Help You Bond

Imagine going through experiences where you are just yourselves and the demands of life are not a major concern. These moments are important as they open you up to express things such as dreams, values and interests that are critical to both of you.

Gift ideas for couples don’t necessarily cost lots of money, but you need to be intentional about spending time together. The following are some ideas on how to make the most out of your quality time together.

Dining Out

Eating is a unique experience that tells you so much about people. During this time, you can learn about the tastes and preferences of your partner, their morals and commitment which are great values in a relationship. The sharing aspect when eating creates an awesome experience that makes the two of your feel closer to each other. Being able to eat in front of your partner without the self-consciousness feeling that comes with eating; peaks up your level of comfort.


Adventure and Learning

Learning is essentially what keeps your brain fresh and triggers creativity. Having a good time outdoors while sharing something exciting together, helps you grow as a couple. You may want to travel together or even go for a nature walk or mountain climbing. Try something new and spend a day or two in a place you have never been. Ensure you take turns picking your adventure dates.

The Spa Experience

Enjoying a couple’s massage can help you reconnect and let go of the past as you turn your attention to the present. Experts say that massages stimulate lots of feel-good hormones and this boost intimacy and affection. The most notable of these hormones are oxytocin which is otherwise referred to as the cuddle chemical, serotonin and dopamine.


Final Thought

Don’t let the everyday spoonful of vanilla  take control the entire time. Spiff things up with some new flavors to your relationship by chasing experiences that are easy to obtain and also promote quality time. Nourish your relationship as if it was a little sprout looking to grow.

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