Black Lives Matter Worldwide: Southern Laced welcomes the spokesperson of the Brigade Anti Negrophobie (BAN) Mouvement… Franco LOLLIA

If you remember my last article From Paris with Love, I was gushing about how my city was beautiful with our melting pot and population diversity.

This diversity also brings some tension between the police and “minorities”.

African Caribbean French citizens are facing the same struggle as African-Americans in the U.S. with the Black Lives Matter movement. So, let me introduce you to the spokesperson of the BRIGADE ANTI NEGROPHOBIE Mouvement, Franco LOLLIA.


The Brigade Anti Negrophobie (BAN) mouvement went worldwide when they called for the famous luxury perfume and cosmetic brand GUERLAIN boycott. During an interview on national TV, Mr. Guerlain said that “black people were lazy and didn’t work as white people do”… (knowing that most of his employees are black people working on island where the perfume is made).

The BAN went in every store… from the Champs Elysees to the well-known Galerie Lafayette mall to stand up in from of the stores. It worked! Later, The Guerlain Firm had to make a public announcement and apologize. Louis Vuitton Global Groupe (owner of Guerlain) apologized and they gave 600,000 € to the BAN to help the ones in need!! So, when we act together…it works!!!


Q: Why was the Brigade Anti Negrophobie (BAN) created and what is its purpose.

Franco Lollia: The Anti Negrophobie Brigade was born following a wave of social and racial injustices, which have particularly marked the year 2005 in France. Two teenagers were killed (Black and Arabic) while trying to escape cops by whom they were harassed.

The lack of government policy response unit for this succession of high negrophobia news content and the fact that the responsibility of the French state had at no time been singled out made us understand that we needed to organize ourselves by, for and with ourselves.


Considering that we were gone too long without action, we decided from a core of a person willing to fight Racism State in general and in particular negrophobia constitute the “Brigade Anti Negrophobie” to fight more specifically the anti noir.e racism targeting us for a century and we have taken the liberty to baptize: Negrophobia.

Knowing that for us “Negrophobia” summarizes the straightforward idea of an anti-black racism that feeds on fear, hatred and/or contempt for everything that relates to the black world, black culture as well as ‘the person perceived to have the skin of a black person.’

Q: Your movement is growing to the point of worrying The State, The Gouvernement, The Police Departement .. What are your demands and prerogatives?

FL: Our demands and prerogatives are intended in any way to the French State’s interest to maintain the status quo of state negrophobia to protect its interests and all white privilege that results.

On the other hand, our claim caters to African-descendant. Our fight is primarily to decolonize our minds… even kill the enemy Racism State through its propaganda housed within ourselves. Understand by this that we will never be free if we do not beforehand get rid of the chain that we, Racism French State or elsewhere, have deeply ingrained in our heads.

If we move from a colonial to a decolonial software, Racism State can no longer dominate us, since by reverting ourselves we will simply be invincible.


Q: We can often see you stand up for injustices perpetrated in the Caribbean African community, Guerlain, Police’s harassment and lately Adama family affair. (a young French African teenager whose death in a suburban police station remains unsolved) What are your thoughts on our society?

FL: Our societal analysis concerning statements of fact… recent or be summarized in a single saying: “The greatest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.” By proclaiming itself the country of human rights and forcing us to believe (thanks to its strong power of propaganda) that there is no racism here in France. But it is not true! It is vicious.

Daily harassment because of the color of your skin! No people of color on TV to represent us… no decent houses or apartment.. always second-hand jobs!

French and viscerally negrophobia State, but also absolutely not trying to give up negrophobia allowing it to occupy the heads, platoon first world power through the exploitation, murder and the guardianship of the black world.

Civil Rights Activist Angela Davis with the BAN

Q: With movements like yours and the recent Black Lives Matter movement, we see that the racial issue despite the abolition of slavery, the quotas set in places is still relevant. What would deliver such message to our American brothers?

FL: First, I would like to say that the concept of abolition is a way to kill or erase from our memories all traces of resistance, revolts, and revolutions of our ancestors, without which we probably would still have chains on feet and wrist. For I have never seen a white humanism, beyond appearances, devoid of financial interest.

This is to say that before killing us, white supremacy conducts a learned and perverse cultural genocide to make us complicit in his work of destruction in order. And in the end, we become actors of our (self) alienation and (self) destruction.

Finally, our last message is addressed not only to African-American survivors in the American concentration camps but all of the Afro-descendant world. We have to build bridges for us to feed the experiences of both sides of the sea in the World. Otherwise, our movement of resistance will be partitioned and therefore will sooner or later be smothered. Whether we agree or disagree on the form, we must realize that the state of today ‘s racism.

One word .. UNITY.

To learn more about the BAN (Brigade Anti Negrophobie) visit them on FACEBOOK


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  1. Aaron says:

    Wow, interesting to know that the “black” struggle is a reality in France also. Nice article.

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