The Mississippi Black Rodeo 2016

This weekend was the weekend to be a cowboy or cowgirl in Mississippi! The 14th Annual Mississippi Black Rodeo attracted cowboys and cowgirls from all over the country to the Mississippi Colliseum. Whether you were there to tailgate, listen to live entertainment or watch the bull and horse riding competitions, more than likely, you left with a smile.

Cowgirl Caronda Trigg

“The rodeo was very fun and entertaining! I’ve been attending this event for four years and I must say it gets better every year! I generally ride in horse show competitions judged on gait, so it’s quite enjoyable to watch other cowgirls and cowboys participate in divisional events such as bull riding, barrel racing, and calf roping. To me, it’s another world, but they really know how to put on a show! I also love how all the people come together to tailgate and enjoy good clean fun outside!”, said Cowgirl Caronda Trigg.

Jody Watley of Shalamar interacting with fans. Photo Courtesy of Caronda Trigg
Grammy Award Winner Jody Watley singing at the Mississippi Black Rodeo. Photo Courtesy of Caronda Trigg

This year, one of the highlights of the day included Grammy Award winner  Jody Watley. The Chicago native is known for many songs, which include,  Don’t You Want Me, Looking For A New Love and Real Love.

Cowboys Ronnie Trigg, III and Terrell Hodges of JD’s Outlaws in Brandon, Mississippi. Photo Courtesy of Caronda Trigg
Cowboys competing at the Mississippi Black Rodeo. Photo Courtesy of Caronda Trigg
Cowboy calfing at the Mississippi Black Rodeo. Photo Courtesy of Caronda Trigg
Cowgirl Lynike Graves from Terry, Mississippi during the Steer Undecorating event. Photo Courtesy of Caronda Trigg

One of the best things about attending the rodeo is that there’s entertainment for all ages. Families were able to hang out and have fun together.

Eight year old Kamora Brown attended the rodeo with her mom and dad. She says, “The rodeo was good! I liked the horses, some of the songs and the food.”


Family Picture of Tamoria, Kamora and Karrell Brown. Photo Credit: Tamoria Harvey

Tamoria and Kamora enjoying the rodeo. Photo Credit: Tamoria Harvey
Cowgirl Tamoria Harvey

Kamora’s mom, Tamoria Harvey-Brown agreed with her.

“My family attended the 2PM show this year,” says Tamoria. “Watching the cowboys and cowgirls show their skills in the different events was so exciting! Jwonn’s performance was great also.”

Jwonn is one of the newest faces of Southern Soul. He is best known for his song I Got This Record.

If you are missed out on the black rodeo at the Mississippi Coliseum, the next stop will be at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on July 23, 2016. Click HERE for more information.

Photos provided by Tamoria Harvey and Caronda Trigg. Video clips provided by Tamoria Harvey. 


Wanna read more about cowboys? Read Horse Talk 101 with a Mississippi Cowboy.


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