Horse Talk 101 with a Mississippi Cowboy

Name: Bryce Gilbert
Occupation: Truck Driver for KLLM Transport
Location: Pearl, Mississippi


bryce 4

Q: Have you always been a cowboy?

BG: I’ve been a cowboy since the age of 9. So that would be about 25 years.

Q: How many horses do you have?

BG: I currently have two horses, Straight Flush and Million. Straight Flush is a female.


Q: Which one is your favorite?

BG: My favorite is Straight Flush because she’s a racehorse and she is the first horse that I’ve ever purchased by myself. And she’s the only horse that’s never given me any problems. She’s very kid friendly.

bryce 17

Q: Tell us about Horse Talk 101.

BG: Horse Talk 101 is a group I created through Facebook. It was originally intended to be a small group, for people around the Central Mississippi Area to just talk about racing horses and good friendly smack talk. I was only expecting maybe 30 -50 members at the most.

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As time went on, it ended up being a lot bigger than I ever expected. Now, it is somewhat of a nationwide group with over 15,000 members where people show off pictures and videos of there horses and share Horse Show events. People post flyers for there upcoming shows and Trail rides from all over the United States.

Mississippi Black Rodeo

It is also a great place to buy or sell horses or equipment used for horses. You can also ask any questions about any horse related topic and your question will be answered.

In all… it’s a great place to meet new cowboys and cowgirls and learn the different riding styles from different people throughout the country. We also have a website at

Q: What’s your most exciting experience being a cowboy?

BG: My most exciting experiences being a cowboy would have to be, traveling to different states, riding and meeting new cowboys and cowgirls and the overall competition of racing horses.

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Q: Tell us about a funny moment working with horses.

BG: One time, I and about five of my friends were trying to tame a wild horse. One of my friends was determined that he could tame it. The horse was bucking everyone off of it that tried to ride it.

We took the horse across the street in a big open field and my friend got on the horse. The horse threw him about twelve feet in the air into some bushes and took off headed towards the road. The horse actually looked both ways before crossing the street and went straight to the barn. We laughed all day behind that one.  You really had to be there to see it.

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