HOT TOPICS with Southern Laced Contributors GBoogie and Santana – Audio Series 1

Yesterday, I had the chance to record some conversations with Southern Laced contributor Santana about some of the Hot Topics going on right now, as well as, some things that were on our minds. This is just the first installment of hopefully many more to come . Press play and leave your comments below . – GBoogie

Social Media Artist: Infamous vs. Famous  (Also available on SOUNDCLOUD)

Wild Animal Attacks (Also available on YOUTUBE)

Beyoncé, Rihanna and Their Fan Clubs (Also available on YOUTUBE)

Cavs vs Warriors (Also available on YouTube)

20 Comments Add yours

  1. Ises says:

    Good one Boog but she was kinda hating on I Heart Memphis

  2. Bella601 says:

    Good one to both of yall & she not hating on iheartmemphis him & polo baybee are both great artists but its like with polo you never know wht song you’re gonna get like he can go from making you wanna twerk to making you wanna turn up or like with she likes it his new song giving you tht summer 16 vibe verse iheartmemphis who only gives you…. Dances people wants more then just dances polo baybee gives you a different style each time his songs drops so in my opinion i agree with santana up with polo down with iheartmemphis

  3. YungJay says:

    Of course a mf gone say she hating on iheartmemphis cause he on tv nd shit but tbh polo baybee done already made classics like left cheek right cheek mf sleeping on tht shit its might be ahead of its time but it pushing 17k plays on soundcloud but let her wouldve compared lil lonnie and polo baybee den her ass gonna be hating on him too huh dont discredit or say she hating wen some of yall don’t know ya facts 💯💯💯

  4. Isss says:

    She definitely was hating

  5. Ises says:

    What’s the facts though ?

  6. Santana's Mother says:

    Very interesting topics to focus on. Especially the Cavs vs. Warriors. I love the Warriors. And if Lebron thinks about coming to the Lakers it’s over. I will officially make the Warriors my team. Not hating on him or anything I just didn’t like what he did when he came to Mississippi.

  7. LaPorshiaaaa says:

    Ok one i am apart of both beyhive & riri navy so i was very interested on that topic i love how you guys broke it down two i am a warriors fan it sucks that they lost but everybody knows games like that are rigged so whatever finally as far as iheartmemphis and polo baybee santana has a point as well as people who agrees with her polo music gives you a different vibe with every song he puts out you can’t say she hating if you never heard polo baybee music to know why she had that opinion you wants your music to reach more then just a kids audience and polo baybee surpass that he was 16 performing at black diamonds thats a strip club verses iheartmemphis who the only time u see him is around a large audience full of kids now is he more known den polo baybee obviously but because hes just a trendy artist for trending challenges but its gone die out soon trust me when polo baybee gets signed people gone be thinking the same way that she thinking its a BIG DIFFERENCE from a TRENDY ARTIST & AN ALL AROUND ARTIST

  8. WhiteboyAlan says:

    So basicly yall coming at her for hating on iheartmemphis tbh i only heard two or 3 songs by him some of yall saying she hating never even heard of Polo Baybee 😂😂😂 polo baybee songs stay in the top 10 in California tho if you aint heard Dabbin Booty Goin Dumb or my new fav She Likes It Cuz Im Polo then STFU 💯 do u kno how many people trying to collab with polo oh ok

  9. Ises says:

    Y’all are just trolling at this point. Not one iheartmemphis fan commented yet? Be for real

  10. Tiarra says:

    Good topics y’all!!! Get the crowd going, lol!! 😂😂 How bout those Cavaliers? Lol yes Beyoncé and Rihanna are killing it, but shout out to my girl K. Michelle with them vocals ✊🏾✊🏾 that good ol soulful voice…..oh and WATCH YALL DARN KIDS VERY CLOSELY, in amusement parks and stuff acting like y’all wasn’t trained not to leave yo parent side; big mama still know best

  11. Hazell E says:

    Yesss!!!! I was thinking the same thing on the game they where so close 😩. But good topics to talk about 💕

  12. 901kvng says:

    But at the end of the day isn’t Polo Baybee n Santana fuking or sum so of course she gone be his side they got a whole song together how she gone say down with iheart up with polo when polo not even on iheart level

  13. MellyBlanco901 says:

    Well i mean of course she gone say something good bout Polo Baybee they are both from Mississippi sooo…yea

  14. DemHitz404 says:

    After reading these comments its very clear nobody has done their research on polo baybee 😂😂😂 let me stop yall polo is originally from Atlanta, GA lets get that straight. Second if you all knew who polo was related to you would know thats it not nothing for him to get signed & he could honestly surpassed iheartmemphis shes not hating its FACTS if iheartmemphis wasn’t hot yet & you were to really LISTEN TO POLO BAYBEE SONGS you will seee why but I’ll wait

  15. Ises says:

    Blah blah blah

  16. Santana says:

    Umm let me clear something up for you since you think that something is going on. Polo Baybee and Santana do not have any sexual relations going on between either other. Yeah we have a song together but it doesn’t mean anything. IHeartMemphis not even on his own level. Maybe you should do your research before commenting on something you have no knowledge, okay? Have a great day.

  17. Brittany says:

    She is not from Mississippi. She just know polo on a personal level. She had her IHeartMemphis songs before but if you listen to them it’s all about taking trending dance moves and making songs. It’s like will he ever rap about something dealing with him or will we only see and hear the same thing.

  18. CountryBoi601 says:

    Ok let shut dis argument down quick & simple who would win in a freestyle battle my money is own Polo Baybee why because if you ever listen to him he has killer punchlines like booty goin dumb “ima dog like scooby doo gotcha going blue call em blue clues tell ya girl to open up her mouth like a houla hoop” come on now if they did a freestyle battle iheartmemphis wouldn’t stand a chance 💯

  19. Abrein Washington says:

    How are they fuckin tho 😂 dey are brother and sister dumbass and i agree if they freestyle iheartmemphis would be done 💯

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