GBoogie the Scorpio

GBoogie the Scorpio is an artist, producer, writer, mixtape host, actor, and businessman from Mississippi. He’s well-known for a long run of mixtapes and was nicknamed “Mississippi’s Mixtape King” due to the popularity of his mixtapes in the early 2000s. His former record label Future Shock Worldwide released a diverse group of artists in hip-hop with artists like The Shock and Young Tut, and also southern soul with the release of the “Brickhouse” album by blues star Carl Sims. Many of the albums on his label did very well regionally. He and his artists were featured extensively in Ozone Magazine, and as a producer he was featured in XXL Magazine for his work on Mississippi rap titan Kamikaze’s 2 a Broke 2 Ball. He also had a hand in one of Jackson, Mississippi’s first hip-hop awards in 2003 that featured David Banner as an attendee and winner. After almost a 6 year hiatus to focus on other ventures away from entertainment, he is currently releasing his first songs as a solo artist on a new indie label and has gained many followers via social media.

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Gboogie talks to Kamikaze about the possibility of a Crooked Lettaz Reunion, the artist Silas and more!

GBoogie talks to Blossom C. Brown about transgender issues, particularly bathrooms, working with Caitlyn Jenner, meeting Ellen Degeneres and more!

HOT TOPICS with Southern Laced Contributors GBoogie and Santana – Audio Series 1

GBoogie talks to Mike Mike of the classic bass group 95 South about their new single “Ridin In My Chevy” and more!

Hot Topics: GBoogie & Santana discuss Rihanna, The Beyhive, Ayesha Curry and more!

Gboogie celebrates the birthday of 2Pac with 3 of his songs you should listen to NOW…plus the teaser trailer for the new 2Pac biopic!

Gboogie talks to Ray Kincaid about Artistic Depression

GBoogie talks to entertainment attorney Kamel King about the importance of artists protecting their work, how he got the name “The Copyright King” and more!

GBoogie talks to Donell Jones about his new single with David Banner, his thoughts on today’s R&B artists like Bryson Tiller and more!!

Blame Mississippi: GBoogie Talks To D. Hughes, owner of The American Slang Collection clothing line.

Carol O’Conner Talks 8Ball, Boosie, C-Murder & Teddy Yo with GBoogie the Scorpio

NEW MUSIC!!! My boy Kanye West just dropped a pretty epic song called “Round and Round (Champions) featuring Travis Scott, Desiigner, Big Sean, 2Chainz , Yo Gotti, newly freed rap visionary Gucci Mane, and Quavo.


3 Hip-Hop Songs that Sampled Patti LaBelle’s Music




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  1. I love it. It was great!!! Although Santana is my daughter I must give her and GBoggie there props. Keep up the good work. Those were very interesting topics.


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