Hot Topics: GBoogie & Santana discuss Rihanna, The Beyhive, Ayesha Curry and more!

Today, I sat down with Southern Laced guest contributor, Santana. She’s a journalism student who’s already amassed quite a following on social media and has plenty of knowledge and opinions about current events in the entertainment industry. I just wanted to take an opportunity to introduce her to our readers, get her thoughts on some topics and also log in the first edition of our new column.

Santana is also a singer. She’ll be playing alongside rapper Polo Baybee tonight in Jackson, Mississippi.

Q: Rihanna just dropped a new video today with Calvin Harris called “This Is What a You Came For”. I’ve been seeing people online say it’s visually similar to Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. Do you agree?

A: Yes, they do have some similarities, they are both inside a box and colorful. But, it actually reminded me of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ other video “We Found Love” with the laser beams… and it kind of gives you a rave party feel.

Q: Cool. You told me you are a big Beyoncé fan and you consider yourself a part of the Beyhive. So my question is… Why are y’all so savage when it comes to attacking people who go against Beyoncé?

A: (laughs) We aren’t savage, but some people try to discredit her and they think we put her on a pedestal to be God or something . But it’s not like that at all. Beyoncé has had legends like Prince, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Diana Ross and more notice her greatness. And her fans just really believe in her as well.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/abbieabc

Q: The Beyhive definitely got into it with BET recently. What was that about?

A: BET tweeted that Rihanna’s album “Anti” was better than Beyonce’s “Lemonade”. So, the Beyhive swarmed in on BET, who quickly made a new tweet kind of retracting the previous statement.

Q: Ayesha Curry was in the news today, she tweeted that she felt the game was rigged last night …

A: Yep, she comes to almost all the games and I just think she was frustrated… But a lot of people have been saying that the game was rigged to force a Game 7.


Q: Well, I just wanted to take a chance to introduce you to our readers. I look forward to getting your opinion on a lot of subjects next week. What do you want to get across with your work right now?

A: I love expressing my opinions and talking about things people are scared to talk about. That’s why I love Charlamagne Tha God . He stands behind what he says. People think he’s arrogant, but he’s really intelligent. I hope to be doing radio soon as well.

To find out more about Santana, follow her on INSTAGRAM.

– GBoogie the Scorpio




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  1. Ises says:

    Rihanna song is fire

  2. Cree says:

    Great interview.

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