Gboogie celebrates the birthday of 2Pac with 3 of his songs you should listen to NOW…plus the teaser trailer for the new 2Pac biopic!

Today is Tupac”2Pac” Shakur’s birthday. He’s known for many things, but what I liked most about him was the emotional rawness in his music, which I had never heard on that level before. So in honor of, in my opinion, the greatest rapper of all time , I’ve compiled three songs where 2Pac was at his best that you should listen to right now.

1. “It Ain’t Easy ” – This gem appeared on his classic “Me Against the World”, which also included one of his signature songs, the Mother’s Day staple “Dear Mama”. Over a smooth beat laced with keyboards and guitars, he spoke on some of his tribulations, including jail time, and referenced Bill Clinton and Mike Tyson.

2. “My Block” – This song appeared on The Show soundtrack and is probably my favorite 2Pac song. Over the smooth East Coast production of Easy Mo Bee, Pac really let loose on this one painting pictures for the listener.

3. Credited as Makaveli “Krazy ( ft Bad Azz) – On this slow piano groove, once again Pac reaches emotional levels still rarely unmatched in Hip-Hop. The catchy chorus, sung by Pac, along with a dope verse by West Coast MC Bad Azz really sealed the deal.

Also, today in celebration of his 45th birthday the trailer for his biopic “All Eyez On Me” was released . I swear the actor looks just like him !! Watch it below ..


– GBoogie the Scorpio




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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lacretia says:

    Tupac has always been my favorite. His lyrics are 100% Raw and Real. I love all his work but a few of my favorites are, “Dear Mama”, Hail Mary”, and “I Ain’t Mad At Ya” . I am so ready for the Biopic. #lyricalgenius

  2. Ises says:

    Happy Birthday 2Pac !! We need your music in the game right now !!

  3. TheRandomChick says:

    I can agree with you Pac told it like it was, he had a way of telling the stories and I have to tell you “Brenda’s got a baby and “Me and My Girlfriend are some of my favs by him. #RIPPAC and #HappyBirthday

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