Gucci Mane was officially released from prison yesterday and fans around the world rejoiced. He was trending number one all day on Twitter with a number of celebrities chiming in.

A slew of memes came, along with several videos on Snapchat and Instagram posted by his longtime girlfriend Keyshia Kaior. Producer MikeWillMadeIt posted handwritten lyrics from the rapper as well. All of this added to the excitement and anticipation of new music coming soon .

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Well, Guwop didn’t waste any time… Less than 24 hours later he’s back with the MikeWillMadeIt produced song “First Day Out Tha Feds”  And according to Worldstar  he’s recording his entire mixtape tonight and releasing it tomorrow entitled “Gucci Free.” Looks like it’s about to be Gucci season.


GBoogie the Scorpio




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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Robin Davis says:

    Gucci Gucci Gucci! Let’s bring real ignorance back to the streets! I love it! Good article..

  2. Ises says:

    Gucci bout to take the streets back over Boogie

  3. Kita says:

    Guwop is back and at it! He’s already back in the studio working on a new mixtape! Wow! His come up is definitely about to be strong. Great Article GBoogie

  4. Mel says:

    Love the article Gboogie ❤

  5. jamesia pippins says:

    We missed you. Come show them how it’s done. #Zone6

  6. Kelly Stone says:

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