3 Hip-Hop Songs that Sampled Patti LaBelle’s Music

Today is Patti LaBelle’s 72nd birthday! To celebrate the diva’s birthday, I’ve compiled three hip-hop songs that sampled her music that are worth giving another listen.


1. Nelly ft Kelly Rowland – Dilemma – This classic song featured a sample from her classic “Love Need and Want You ” and was released in 2002. In addition to the music video showcasing the natural chemistry between the rapper and the Destiny’s child member, it also featured a cameo from Patti starring as Rowland’s mother.

2. Bizzy Bone – Nobody Can Stop Me – When the Bone Thugs and Harmony member went solo, he chose her classic “If Only You Knew” to speak on some of the trials and tribulations he faced in his life. The song has the classic Bone sound many fans loved and is an overlooked gem.

3. Lloyd- Lay It Down Remix ft Jeezy and R. Kelly – Like Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma”, this song also features a sample of “Love Need and Want You”.

GBoogie the Scorpio



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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Lashandia Smith says:

    Very informative! I had no idea that those songs sampled Patti labelle’s music

  2. Kelly Stone says:

    I agree! Thanks for reading!!

  3. nikitaanderson28@gmail.com says:

    I was aware of Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly, but had no idea about the other two songs. Great Knowledge!!! I love me some Patti Labelle!!!

  4. Kelly Stone says:

    I learned something new today too!

  5. Calissa Huell says:

    Patti Labelle is a phenomenal artist. It’s an honor on her behalf for any artist to stream off her music. She has a classic sound that can still be transformed into modern music.

  6. Tiarra says:

    Yes Ms.Patti, she has really influenced some great songs; I love her music, we need more like it. Dope!!

  7. Queen E. says:

    Patti is definitely an icon. I was unaware of the Bizzy song but it’s amazing that any artist in any lane can sample her work.

  8. I knew about Kelly and Nelly (love that song 😍😍) but was unaware of the other. Patti is truly the Queen Diva.
    Great read!!

  9. Ises Jones says:

    Good job Boogie

  10. TONYA says:

    Wow! You know I knew the songs came from an old classic but I never knew which song it was. THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention!

  11. Tiani says:

    Very good information! Learn something new everyday! ❤️

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