Have a Little Faith: 5 Thoughts for the Artist in You

“The constant gnawing and wanting to take nothing and make it into something. Stillness that irritates restless fingers connected to a steady wrist. The need to see the outcome of dreams manifested. The unmistakable gift one must live with from day-to-day. It’s a shadow in the dark waiting to be captured, written, sketched, hummed… It is the passion to create.” -Kelly Stone


Over the years, I have had my share of ideas. Surprisingly, the most anxious times I’ve encountered are the moments that lead up to the idea. It sounds crazy, but it’s almost like I can reach out and grab the idea because it feels just that close.

If you are an artist in labor… anticipating the birth of your next idea, you will hopefully benefit from these five thoughts:

  1. Enjoy your gift. When I first started writing, it was a hobby. Soon after, I had to learn the business side of things, which was and still can be frustrating at times. Is anything overwhelming you? Always remember why you started. Get back to the basics…have fun! Otherwise, you’ll start to neglect your gift.
  2. Don’t get caught up in competition. Do I write every day? No. Should I write every day? Maybe. When it comes to using your God-given gift, it’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing. If this is you, please stop. There is room for everyone’s gift. The last kind of person you want to be is one that is filled with jealousy and envy. Pray and ask God to give you ideas…ideas that are specially designed for you.
  3. Face the matters of your heart head on.  If there is something going on inside of you…that issue, whether big or small, could possibly block your ideas. It’s easy to fool other people into thinking ‘all is well’ with you. But you can’t fool yourself. Address the issue and move on.
  4. Be yourself. No one wants to live in a world where everyone is the same. When God made you, he made you special. He made you different for a reason. No one can do the things you do. No one can sing like you..dance like you…draw like you…write like you. No one can see the things you see. Go ahead…be yourself. The world is waiting for you.
  5. Keep it simple. When things feel overwhelming, it’s important to take a step back and regroup. Reexamine what’s going on around you. Weigh your pros and cons. Eliminate…eliminate…eliminate. While you’re eliminating, you just might find your next idea.


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