Love Is All We Need

Greetings and salutations Southern Laced readers! February is the month of love! It is a time to remember the little things that make you love; love your significant other, love your job, but most important, …to love oneself. Often times in fitness the focus is on change. How to be, do, become the person physically- your heart desires. Too often we forget that self love is needed to persuade yourself to put one leg in front of the other.


Here are 6 loving tips on how to love yourself enough to get your fitness journey started.

1. Be Kind: Remember that you are starting a new journey. Don’t be too critical of days when you cut your workout short or have a slow start exercising for the week. Don’t beat yourself up if you hit the pause button during the first 8 minutes of Insanity or Zumba,.. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


2. Positive Self Talk: Give yourself some props! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t respond to positive feedback or compliments. Celebrate the small victories; being consistent with drinking water, drinking fewer sodas, or having your workout clothes ready. It’s the little things that make big differences. Show yourself some love for trying and doing the small changes that grow into big results.

3. Give Yourself Gifts: Have a reward system, treat yourself. As you meet small goals and objectives, have little gimme’s that you allow yourself as a reward and motivator to keep going. Example: Every third workout you get a new water bottle, or every 5 lbs down you get a new t-shirt.


4. No Negative Self-Talk: My biggest pet peeve as a trainer was hearing clients say the meanest things to themselves. “I’m so fat,” “I can’t do this with my lazy self.” I used to tell them, “Surely they could’t have enemies, there was no room for anyone else to get a jab in, they were doing a great job beating themselves up.”  Your body is your friend, and if you want your friend to do something for you, it’s not going to be by calling them mean offensive names. Your body works the same way. If you want results, better get versed in sweet talk and send yourself words of encouragement, motivation, and positivity, basically refer back to option 1 and 2, and 3 wouldn’t hurt.


5. Just Say No To Naysayers: Anytime you strive to achieve a new level it will bring new devils. Don’t let naysayers deter you. Others may have an opinion, but that is not your concern or constraint. Stick to your guns and stay focused on your goals. Others may have their opinion, but its just that, their opinion. Remind yourself that your desire to be healthier is your goal and you have the right to pursue it free of thoughts and judgements of others.

6. Believe In Yourself: You must believe in yourself!! Being healthier and fitter is for you! Whatever that means to you. Be it a lower blood pressure, better night’s sleep, or energy to play with your kiddos! Believe that you matter and you can do it! I believe in you! You believe in you too!

Practicing being loving and kind to yourself is its own reward. Much too often we forget that we must motivate ourselves with love and kindness to get the best results. Being harsh and critical of yourself while trying to grow and change will only lead to frustration and tapping out on trying to be healthier.

This February as we prepare to show others just how much they mean to us, don’t forget to show yourself,..some love! Take care of yourselves!

– Kimberly



Kimberly Richardson is a happy, optimistic, fitness enthusiast! She enjoys working out, creating healthy meals, and motivating and teaching others how to live their healthier lifestyle in real life. She believes fitness is obtainable at any age and at any level.

Starting is now, continuation is for a lifetime.



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