Zumba 101 with LaTasha Estus

Name: LaTasha Estus
Occupation: Licensed Zumba® Instructor
Location: Madison Baptist Healthplex & Quest Fitness Club


What is Zumba?
It is a dance fitness class that mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves which creates a dance fitness party to music from all over the world!

What made you want to be a Zumba instructor?
I needed to get rid of my baby weight and get out of the house. I have always loved dancing and this was a perfect fit for me. It doesn’t even feel like a job!

What does a typical Zumba session entail?
We begin with a warmup, cardio, tone, then cool down/stretch.

If you can’t dance, are you still a good candidate for Zumba?
Absolutely! Zumba® classes are all about the connection of music and movement while having a good time. If you can move, then you can dance.

How many calories should one burn during a Zumba session?
Burning calories in a Zumba® class will be different for each individual depending on age/weight and movement. I usually burn more than 500 calories in my typical 45 minute class.

How old do you have to be to participate in Zumba?
The basic Zumba® Fitness license requires you to teach to 12 years and older, but there are specialty classes designed just for kids.

Do you modify sessions for those that can’t keep up because of health reasons?
Each participant should always get permission by his/her physician before beginning any form of exercise. Zumba® Fitness allows me to teach using progressions which simply means that I can teach to a room with different skill levels. I also like to address each class to find out if anyone is new or has any concerns before we begin.

Tell us how we can get in touch with you for more information about Zumba.
You can check my website for events and class schedules at: www.latasha601.zumba.com.


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