Jackson State University receives first-ever endowed real estate scholarship in history of institution established by commercial real estate executives Crossman and Holtmann

(JACKSON, Miss.) –Jackson State University is the recipient of the first-ever real estate scholarship at the HBCU established by esteemed commercial real estate executives and business leaders John Michael Holtmann and John Crossman, who also have long family histories in Mississippi.

Jackson State University receives a ‘game-changing’ endowment with first-ever real estate studies scholarship. (Left to right) John Michael Holtmann, principal of Holtmann Properties, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, Thomas K. Hudson, president of JSU, and John Crossman, CEO of Crossman Career Builders.(Photo by: Charles A. Smith)

“The Holtmann Crossman Endowed Fund is a game-changer for our students now and future generations.  We are very fortunate to benefit from the vision, support and commitment of these two business leaders,” said Thomas K. Hudson, president of JSU.   

Qualifying students will have an equal opportunity to pursue a real estate education by applying for funds from the $25,000 endowed scholarship that will help cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other expenses without a heavy student loan burden.

Holtmann is a Mississippi State University alumnus and principal of Holtmann Properties in Jackson. Crossman is an alumnus of Florida State University and CEO of Crossman Career Builders, which he founded last year to continue the mission he started two decades ago as CEO of one of Orlando’s most successful Commercial Real Estate firms. 

That mission was to provide more opportunities for minorities in the Commercial Real Estate industry.  

“Working in commercial real estate can help a person develop skills to buy property, which can build personal wealth, but a real estate education has been traditionally hard to access for minorities who haven’t been given opportunities to own property,” Crossman explained. 

Holtmann shared his appreciation for the people that he learned from when he initially started in the industry. “They helped shape my business.  Now I’m excited to give back to the next generation by helping equip them to make a difference,” he said.

JSU marks the fourth HBCU Crossman, his family and firms have supported. They also have minority-focused real estate endowed scholarships at FSU, UF, and Valencia College for students from diverse demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  

Holtmann is also a Partner in Concord Capital, a real estate investment company which owns assets in three states as well as being an affiliate broker with Duckworth Realty, a brokerage in Jackson where he manages the company’s retail division. 

“An education in commercial real estate will not only provide these scholarship recipients a pathway to rewarding careers in a limitless industry but will also open doors for positive impact in their communities,” Holtmann said.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, who is in full support of the endeavor, stated, “The Holtmann Crossman Endowed Scholarship at JSU embodies the promotion of diversity in higher education needed by the business community in Jackson and throughout the State. It’s a win-win for Jackson and all of Mississippi.”