High-ranking Jackson State University is one of country’s most influential and largest HBCU

(JACKSON, Miss.) — According to AcademicInfluence.com, Jackson State University has been named among the top 30 most influential HBCUs over the past two decades. Baseline criteria for this ranking include four-year undergraduate degree offerings and full accreditation.

The organization highlights that JSU emphasizes research and experiential learning, has more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and is one of the largest HBCUs in the country.

Additionally, StudySoup –a digital learning marketplace for academic content – compiled the 20-largest historically Black colleges and universities in the nation based on 2021 data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. Jackson State ranked in the top 10 on this list with 7,020 (5,152 undergraduate) students.

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The latest data from the National Center for Education Statistics indicates that 51 public HBCUs and 50 private, nonprofit HBCUs provide degrees at every level of higher education. Meanwhile, 38 HBCUs offered associate degree programs, 83 offered bachelor’s degrees, 52 conferred master’s degrees, and 27 granted doctoral degrees.