SL: Tell us about yourself. How did you get into creative writing?

OK: My creative writing started at a very young age. I come from a large family and I used to sit under the dinning room table and make up stories about my family. My Star Wars action figures had scripts that had nothing to do with Star Wars.

SL: How hard was it to transition from books to a web series?

OK: The transition wasn’t hard at all. I have always been told my books read as if they should be movies. The web series is not actually part of the book series. The web series was actually based off of made up characters and written after I had a meeting with an all-male crew about Donors. They doubted my skills, so I showed them better than tell them.

SL: What was the inspiration behind Donors?

OK: I am a huge fan of Ann Rice’s books and all vampire films. When I was young I came up with a vampire huntress series because I never saw black people in vampire films outside of Blackula. Vampire in Brooklynn came later but it still did not give me what I was looking for. Donors came from me wondering what the world would look like if vampires actually lived among us, and actually included people that look like me.

SL: This project depends on donations from supporters. How does donating help you with developing streaming content?

OK: Donations help to not only pay the cast but the crew, helps us with set building and locations, helps us pay for the stunt actors, blood (because this is about vampires), special effects and so much more. Because this is a series it is going to take a lot more help than my last self-funded projects.

Donations can be made with 3 options:



Cash App: $AFMedia just put donation in the memo/subject line

SL: Tell us how to keep up with the latest from Donors.

OK: You can learn more and keep up with Donors on IG @ Donors_Series or Facebook @DonorsSeries