R&B Singer/Rapper Jake Wil Talks New Single, Music Video Release And More


We got in touch with Jake Wil to talk about the pandemic, his new single and video set to be released later this month. Here is what he had to say…

How has the pandemic affected your music career?

I honestly don’t think the pandemic affected my music much outside of the amount of time it allowed me to get myself together and focus on what I’m doing and how I want to do it.

For those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, choose 3 words to describe yourself/ your music?

Real, Raw, & Rare

How many years has it been since you released your very first project?

My first major single Love Me was released February 14, 2020 

Tell us the name of your new upcoming single?


How are you preparing for this single release?

Just promoting and networking to simply put it. I’m in talks with several media stations and blog sites just trying to let any and every possible discography discover me. I’m always working.

What inspired you to write it, is this song from a personal experience?

Most all of my music is inspired by true events that have taken place in my life. Trenches in particularly was written to mostly tell a story that someone very close to me lived through, but it also pertains to certain events that have occurred in my life as well. Also just the feeling everyone has of hoping to have someone hold you down during the lowest and roughest parts of your life inspired Trenches as well.

What made you decide that this song will be the next single release?

I’ve had it in the vault for quite a while now with hopes to make this one of the next releases. My fans also helped me to decide by voting for this one because I was torn between Trenches and another single I have called Lost. 

When can we expect the music video?

The video is actually already done. It should be releasing August 1st or on the 14th (my birthday). I’m still deciding.

How did you record/write this song? And what do you enjoy the most out of the two?

I usually don’t write much anymore honestly. I find that coming up with it while recording has been a much more organic process for me than to actually sit and try to force a song onto paper.

What is the message you want to get across in this new single?

You must always ensure that everyone that you allow in your space or around you at all is who you think they are. Solid people that keep you grounded and know when to tell you that you’re doing too much or not enough are priceless individuals to come across. So hold them dearly and make sure you can distinguish the real from the snakes.

Is there an album in the works?

Of course! Everyone is always asking when I’m going to drop an album and truth is I have no idea. Timing is everything.

Tell fans where they can follow you on social media to keep up with the latest?

YouTube: Jake Wil

Instagram: JakeWil17

Facebook: Jake Wil & Jake Wil Music

Twitter: JakeWil17