Celebrity Chicago Hairstylist Launches New Coconut Infused Hair Care System For All Hair Types

(Black PR Wire) Celebrity hairstylist Tacara Renee Hammons, recognized as Tacara Renee in the beauty industry and CEO of Renee Ramore Hair Care today launches a new coconut-infused, three-part hair care system that richly hydrates without affecting the unique curly hair texture of women of color.

CEO Tacara Renee of Renee Ramore Hair Care

According to Tacara, the new Coconut Infused Renee Ramore Hair Care System is not just a product, but a scientifically advanced, three-part hair therapy system. The system hydrates all types of hair throughout the process, meaning no more harsh shampoos that strip hair of natural moisture and no more need for dozens of conditioners, moisturizers, and hair repair kits. 

Renee Ramore Coconut Infused Hair Care System consists of a three-part, professionally developed hydrating hair care system – shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in – each infused with coconut oil and other natural oils that promote hair growth and length retention while leaving hair smooth, soft, and shiny. 

The Coconut Infused shampoo is fortified to replenish moisture, smooth, control frizz, improve manageability, detangle, and strengthen hair. The deeply hydrating Coconut Infused conditioner is infused with keratin to build strong, healthy hair, while the Coconut Infused leave-in conditioner is enriched with coconut oil, honey, and other natural oils that detangle, repair split-ends, protect, add superior shine, control frizz, and smooth hair strands. Leaving hair weightlessly bouncy and beautiful.

“Say goodbye to dozens of different products that harm, then claim to heal your hair,” Tacara says. “Say hello to a hair care system that understands that beautiful hair is not only an art, but also a science. Enjoy super-flawless curls and silky-smooth, hydrated locks with just one system. No matter the goal, hydrated hair achieves effortlessly beautiful results in less time-saving time and money.

Renee Ramore Hair Care products contain no Sulfates, Parabens, Petrolatum Mineral Oil or Artificial Colors. Find the collection sold individually and as a subscription set at