EXCLUSIVE: An Excerpt From MyronJ The Coach’s New Book ‘Married, Divorced, but God’

Married, Divorced, but God takes you on a journey of self-discovery with MyronJ The Coach as he grows from personal loss. Myron shares his personal story of domestic abuse, revealing the emotions and thoughts felt during his marriage. Throughout the book, he shares how his actions affect his children and other family members. MyronJ shares his trauma and triggers in hopes that his pain can help others choose a different path or understand that there is hope and opportunity for change.


In our marriage, I was the one doing everything you can think of. I initiated communication, sex, affection, date night, and more. I was hardly ever complimented but she was receiving all of this from me. This is what we argued about a lot. I used to go to bed early to avoid my temptation of wanting to have sex with her. It wasn’t fair that this marriage was one-sided. When we argued my words were very disrespectful and when I got mad or angry, I did not care what came out of my mouth. Mentally I was thinking, if I am continuing… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE or visit myronjthecoach.com.