Established realtor Eugenia Foxworth earned many achievements over the years through her work. As the head of the New York City based Foxworth Realty, she successfully helped homeowners save their brownstone properties from foreclosure within the Harlem area where her office is located – this during at time years ago when the USA economy was in dire straits, thus affecting the housing market. Ms. Foxworth was honored as a “Woman of Excellence” by the New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce and last year Real Estate Agent Advisor highlighted her as “One of the Phenomenal Women in Real Estate”.

As of May 1st, 2021, she will have a new title – Madame President. Ms. Foxworth, a longtime member of the International Federation of Real Estate for the United States (a/k/a FIABCI-USA) will be sworn in as the elected president for that area of the international organization.  She is the first African American elected to the position.

Founded in 1951 in Paris, the non-profit FIABCI is a worldwide business networking organization for all professionals associated with the real estate industry. FIABCI has provided access and opportunities for real estate professionals interested in gaining knowledge, sharing information and conducting international business with each other.

As president of FIABCI-USA, Ms. Foxworth’s goals are to create awareness of the organization within the states as well as embark on projects that will benefit communities. “We will work to introduce FIABCI-USA to areas where folks may not know or be aware of us,” she states. “One aspect of our work is affordable housing which is what we need to focus on as well as go beyond the minimal percentage of affordable housing that a city may allocate. In addition, we offer scholarship opportunities to universities. I would like to focus on the smaller colleges and universities in that aspect because it’s where we’ll find students pursuing real estate or architecture degrees who will take what they’ve learned back to their communities and help them build or rebuild.”

Ms. Foxworth serves on several boards related to the real estate industry and has earned many accolades through the years. In 2019 she was recognized as a “Woman of Courage” by the Harlem Community News and Health First. Ms. Foxworth also received a citation from the New York State Assembly District 70thAssembly Member Inez E. Dickens and a certificate of appreciation from Gale A. Brewer, the Manhattan Borough president, in recognition for her dedication and service to the Harlem community.