Coalition of Black Excellence presents CBE Week 2021 to unite and uplift Black professionals

The virtual three-day conference CBE Week 2021 offers business pitch competition, supplier fair, networking and access to top industry leaders

(Black PR Wire) San Francisco, Calif., February 8, 2021– Every year during Black History Month, the Coalition of Black Excellence (CBE) hosts CBE Week. Now in its fourth year, CBE Week 2021 Thrive Together aims to inspire and develop Black leadership through exclusive educational and networking events.

CBE Week ’21 Thrive Together offers a series of events and opportunities virtually February 24 – 27, 2021. CBE Week draws talented Black professionals from across different industries by offering access to distinguished speakers and panelists, and a trusted environment to network, explore recruitment opportunities, celebrate excellence among peers, and share innovative practices to advance the Black community.

“CBE was created to respond to the fragmentation among Black professionals and bring them together to collaborate and find commonalities that allow the community to grow together,” explains Angela Johnson, Co-CEO and Founder of Coalition of Black Excellence.

Given COVID-19’s ongoing impact on the Black community and the transition of power in Washington, D.C., CBE Week could not be timelier. Whether you are exploring new business ventures or looking to develop and increase in your field, it helps to have a village behind you…That’s what CBE Week ’21 Thrive Together is all about.

The three-day virtual conference includes opportunities for Black businesses and Black entrepreneurs to learn from mentors and enter into the CBE Pitch Competition and Supplier Fair to become suppliers for large, multinational corporations.

“We have been supported throughout our existence by amazing sponsors who help create pathways for Black businesses and entrepreneurs that would not have been made possible otherwise,” asserts Marc Spencer, Co-CEO of Coalition of Black Excellence.

Panels will focus on political innovation, health and well-being, political accountability and wealth creation. In addition to panels, Black professionals will have an opportunity to extend their network, find support and celebrate the excellence among themselves and their peers in various industries.


There are various ways to get involved: become a corporate sponsor, submit your business idea to the pitch event, register to participate in the supplier fair, or experience educational and networking opportunities as a participant. Visit www.cbenonprofit.orgto learn more.