Nearly $278,000 from Mississippi Office of Highway Safety will help JSU prevent alcohol-related deaths

(JACKSON, Miss.) — The Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition has been awarded continuation funding from the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety with an increase from last year’s funding of $253,727.25 to $277,858.60.

The grant will continue to provide funding that focus on the top 30 counties in Mississippi with the most alcohol-related fatalities. Funding also provides an opportunity to coordinate with law enforcement agencies to promote impaired-driving prevention and impaired-driving prevention education/information to support and enhance law enforcement efforts.

Angela Benson-Wright

“Our goal is to continue the mission of providing Mississippi drivers with the best prevention-education information on the dangers and the consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol,” said Angela Benson-Wright, project director/PI for the Impaired Driving Initiative Grant. “It is important to know that driving a vehicle while impaired is a serious and dangerous crime.”

She added, “Therefore, we will continue to spread the message until there are zero drunken-driving crashes on Mississippi roadways.” “It is all about fostering changed behaviors.”

“We want everyone to know that if you drink and drive, you could be arrested, or worse be involved in a traffic crash that could cause serious injury or death,” said Chauncy Wright, community outreach coordinator. “The message is clear: ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.’ “