“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed, not by strength, but perseverance.”

– Samuel Johnson

It hasn’t been long since Southern Laced had the opportunity to talk to Tambra Cherie. Fans know her as an author, event host, motivational speaker, and ‘The Midday Diva’ of 97.7 FM. Others are just getting to know her as an entrepreneur on OWN’s new reality series, ‘Belle Collective’.

Over the years, Tambra has worn many hats and exemplified true perseverance in the entertainment industry. She’s gone from interviewing celebrities and covering The BET Awards, Grammy Awards, Ozone Awards, VIBE Music Festival, and the Essence Music Festival to guest hosting on Lifetime’s television show, ‘Bring It’, and guest entertainment co-hosting on FOX syndicated TV show, ‘Dish Nation’.

Southern Laced had a chance to catch up with Tambra Cherie for another Take Five interview. Keep reading to find out what she had to say about ‘Belle Collective’ and more!

SL: Tell us about ‘Belle Collective’. How does it feel to be a part of a reality show that represents powerful black women in Mississippi?

TC: ‘Belle Collective’ is the first docu-series out of Jackson, Mississippi that actually focuses on the lives of five successful women in the capital city. As a radio and television personality that has worked in the capital city for years, I’m honored to be a part of the series. I literally grew up in radio and television in Mississippi. It feels amazing to be apart of a show that represents powerful black women here in the State.

I personally never looked at myself as a powerful black woman in the State, as I just went to work every day, and I always knew I wanted to be more than a voice on the radio. There is a lot of talent here, and I’m excited that people outside of the city and State get to see what we’ve already known.

I’ve had women as far as Africa to reach out to me on social media asking about places to eat and things to do because they want to visit Mississippi. I think that’s amazing! That’s a part of my purpose for doing the show!

Now, I’m not one of the millionaires on the show or rich, but I can relate to being successful and trying to balance our professional and personal lives as women. I don’t want our kids to think that to be successful you have to be rich. I’m not rich, but I can relate to success. That’s where I come in.

Success is just achieving a goal that you set out to achieve. I can relate to that! We are all successful and powerful in many areas of our lives.

SL: Congratulations again on your book, Surrounded By Sin: Grounded By Love. Will there be a Part Two? If not, are you working on something else?

TC: Surrounded By Sin, Grounded By Love was actually meant to be a series of books. I would definitely write another one because I love helping people and the feedback has been amazing. Surrounded By Sin, Grounded By Love: 8 Simple Keys to Becoming a Better You was written to not only share parts of my story but to help and inspire others as well.

I really believe I was following my God-given assignment when I wrote this book. It takes work to become a better version of yourself. I’m a servant put in a position to use my voice to not only entertain others but help, inspire and motivate them as well.

God has always been at the forefront of my life and I think it’s only right to share with others His power and grace. That’s apart of truly walking in your purpose.

SL: As a radio personality and event host, your career has been in the public’s eye for a long time. Tell us about the best and worst part of allowing people into your personal life?

TC: As a radio personality and host, I do believe my professional life has always been in the public eye. However, it’s not about me. It has always been about my audience and our listeners. I love to see people happy. I have a passion for people and helping others. If I can be apart of making someone’s day better, or making them smile, or feel better, that’s more important to me!

I have always tried to keep my private life separate from my professional life because my family and friends didn’t sign up for any of this. I can deal with the scrutiny of it all because that’s apart of it. If God gives you an assignment, He’s going to give you the strength to handle the pressure that comes with it. If He brings you to it, He’s definitely going to bring you through it.

I can probably say the worst part is that I have learned what people don’t know, they really do make up! Also in radio, people tend to focus on the message. You can get the message because you’re listening to me, and you hear the words of the message I’m trying to convey. In television, sometimes people miss the message because they are so focused on the messenger. When we focus on the messenger, we can miss the message, and sometimes, that message is important. The best part of it all is helping others, inspiring others, and motivating someone else. That’s priceless.

SL: How has the pandemic changed your life?

TC: This pandemic has impacted all of our lives. It’s impacted the way we live, how we live, what we do, how we work, and even for me, how I spend time with family and friends. I can’t even spend time with my family the way I used to because I want to protect them the best way I can. I want to do my part. I have a 98-year-old grandmother who I don’t see as often because we don’t want to get her sick. This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing and spending time with my nephews. So for me, the biggest impact would be how I interact with family and friends, and the lack of travel.

Professionally, I love hosting and we haven’t been able to host events and work as much in entertainment because I’m super cautious. I believe as a personality, it’s our social responsibility to lead by example. But this time did allow me to get closer to God, cleansing, fasting, reflecting, and reading; a lot of meditation and prayer.

I started doing prayer calls with other women during the pandemic. Something I had never done before! We even did midnight prayer calls praying with each other and for one another.

It was right after all of this, I received a phone call about doing the television show. We filmed an entire television show during a pandemic; that’s nothing but God! We were tested every other day during that time. That’s God! That’s an example of God’s work during a pandemic. When things around us look so bad, He not only shows up but shows out.

SL: You have always used your platform for women empowerment. Why is it so important for you to encourage women to support each other?

TC: As a woman, sadly I know what it’s like to be disrespected and I will always stand up for women and women’s rights! I also know what it’s like to be loved, cherished, cared for, and protected. That’s what I want to do for other women. I believe in the power of sisterhood. I believe in the power of working together. I believe in the power of looking out for one another. I love to see women winning! I love to see people happy! I believe women are some of the most amazing, resilient, strong individuals to walk this earth! We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, spouses, entrepreneurs, and even counselors.

My own grandmother gave birth to eleven children and was the glue holding an entire family together. No one can tell me about the power of a woman! I can be a woman’s biggest cheerleader and not even know her, but I’m watching her journey, and I understand some of the trials, tribulations, or pain she may be going through or has been through. I can relate to her and I’m willing to help her if I need to.

I’m blessed to have grown up with some amazing beautiful women in my life that have always set an exemplifying example of what it is to be a phenomenal woman. It would be an injustice to them to not do what’s right. I also grew up with real men around me as fine examples of how to treat women.

You will never hear me talk down on another woman or degrade her in any way. That’s not even in my DNA. I try to lead by example. I believe it’s a part of my purpose to encourage all of us to get along, support one another, and more importantly, grow together.


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