Business professor at JSU wins $10,000 Blockchain Research Award

(JACKSON, Miss.) — Dr. Young Sik Cho, assistant professor of Operations Management in JSU’s College of Business, has won the Blockchain Research Award, which includes a financial prize of $10,000.

“Like the ‘Parable of the Sower’ in the Bible’s Mark 4 chapter, I hope that by planting this small research funds in good soil and cultivating them eagerly that I will be able to produce 30 times 100 times better research results with the JSU family,” Cho said.

“Blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing and disruptive innovations in contemporary business practices, but the educational curriculum for applying Blockchain technology to a company’s operational management is still scarce and in its infancy,” Cho said.

The Blockchain Research Award is a $10,000 grant presented after a competition hosted by the FinTech Center and sponsored by Ripple company.

“If possible, I would like to donate a tenth of the funds to a church or Christian missions’ organization as a Thanksgiving offering,” Cho said. “The remaining funds will be used for ongoing blockchain research-related expenses.”

When asked why he applied for this award Cho responded, “So, last year I developed a Blockchain curriculum and incorporated some of it into my Ph.D. seminar. In the process of developing this curriculum, I found numerous research gaps related to Blockchain technology. As a result, I have been leading several research projects with various experts and, fortunately, one of them has also won the Blockchain Research Award.”

Cho said, “Given the fact that most of our Ph.D. graduates currently work as professors and academic leaders at other universities, including HBCUs, I firmly believe that this Blockchain technology education and research initiative will help the HBCU community sustain and even strengthen not only ‘innovativeness,’ but also our ‘competitive advantage’ in the Higher Education industry.”

Cho had to go through a two-stage evaluation process: a research proposal review in June and a complete research paper review in September.

For more information regarding the Blockchain Research Award, click here.