R&B singer, songwriter, and Reality TV personality K. Michelle does not need an introduction.  With the upcoming release of her album, “All Monsters Are Human”, Southern Laced found it fitting to catch up with the award-winning diva. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: Let’s talk about your Jack Daniel’s endorsement. How has that experience been?

KM: Jack Daniels has been great for me. Being a businesswoman, that’s a relationship that I have maintained and made a lot of money from because I am passionate about it and I am authentic to it.

To have my own drink with them and be the first African American to ever have a drink with Jack Daniels or even be endorsed by them is awesome. My sales are through the roof on the drink and  I’m really excited about it. This is a partnership and relationship that I value. I hope to be in business with them for a long time.

Q: Tell us about your restaurant in Atlanta.

KM: Puffs and Petals is a cute, little restaurant. We currently moved the location. We’re in the process of opening a new one.

It was just a lot going on in that neighborhood. When it starts to put my women at risk, it’s time to move to somewhere safer. Right now, we are located at 792 Cascade Ave (Atlanta, GA). That’s where we will be until the build-out of the new restaurant.

Q: How has your style changed over the years?

KM: I would say it’s just the growth of me and the different styles that I try to introduce to my fans but I’m still the same Kimberly.

Q: Over the past couple of years, you’ve opened up to fans about the struggle and how critical life has been due to silicone butt injections. Why is it so important for women to know the dangers of this procedure?

KM: Because it’s happening every day. It happens like it’s nothing. People need to understand that just because it’s not being said that the dangers aren’t happening. So it’s a very important thing for people to know the truth.

Q: “All Monsters Are Human” will be released on January 31st. Can you tell us about the title?

KM: The title is basically saying we all are monsters to somebody. We all are saints to somebody. You don’t know your character or role in the story when it comes to other people. So we shouldn’t judge because we’re not innocent to everyone in the world. We have our flaws. We have our issues. We have hurt people and people have hurt us.

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Interviewer: Sadé Kelly
Image: Courtesy of eOne

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