INTERVIEW: Southern Laced Welcomes Jake Wilbourne

Jake Wilbourne aka Jake Wil is no stranger to Southern Laced. The Mississippi born singer and rapper, who gained fan momentum with his cover of Bryson Tiller’s Exchange, is back at Southern Laced with a new single.

Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What can you tell us about your new single?

JW: My new single is called Love Me“. It’s one of my personal favorites that I’ve written, which is why I’ve chosen it out of my entire massive catalog to debut my sound.

It has sort of an R&B/Soul feel to it with an added mix of my own sound infused to it.

Q: How has your style changed over the years?

JW: I don’t think my sound has so much changed as I like to think it has evolved over the years just by me simply becoming more comfortable with myself as an artist and just growing through all the trials and lessons I’ve overcome through time. Even just the process of actually making the music has become more of a therapy to me than anything, which in turn I think makes my sound much more genuine and organic than it may have been in previous years.

Q: Who/what inspires you to keep going?

JW: The infatuation with and the level of passion I have in making music is enough to keep me inspired to keep going, but honestly the feeling that comes when people share my posts relating to my projects or message me to tell me how much they love my sound and how anxious they are for me to release new music is unparalleled. The fans are amazing and the fact that I feel like I already have such a genuine and loyal fan base with such a small amount of material I’ve put out for them to hear is an honor within itself.

Q: Name one place you would love to perform.

JW: I gotta pack Madison Square Garden out before it’s all said and done

Q: Do you have any upcoming shows? 

JW: I haven’t been too much focused on doing shows so much as I have been working on releasing new music but I’m sure I’ll organize some soon.



Facebook: Jake Wilbourne

IG: @JakeWil17

Twitter: @JakeWil17

YouTube: Jake Wil

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