(Tuesday, October 29, 2019 – New York, NY) – Emerging hip hop Jazz group QNA teamed up with two-time Grammy nominated musician, Roots Percussionist (Chronixx and the Zincfence Redemption) and popular NYC based roots and culture reggae band Royal KhaoZ to deliver their collaborative debut single “Outlaw,” produced by Royal KhaoZ’s very own DreTegs (Beenie Man, Dexta Daps, Lila Aike, Movado). The single comes on the heels of a dynamic performance between the three acts at the 2019 Resonator Arts Festival which took place at National Sawdust in Williamsburg, BK earlier this month. You can check out their performance HERE!

The guys paint a vivid picture of an “Outlaw” as they detail the trials and tribulations of immigrants, both in America and abroad. An Outlaw is defined as a person or persons declared as outside the protection of the law, they use this analogy to mirror their own struggles in their personal lives. The song highlights not only the obstacles a first generation immigrant faces but also gives thanks to the blood, sweat, and tears that previous generations have shed for their children. With each band member originating from a different part of the world ranging from Jamaica, Singapore, French Guiana to America, these men are true testaments of navigating life with unfair circumstances. Therefore, it only made sense that this diverse intermix of friends and bandmates came together to share a mic; unifying voices of various backgrounds to tell one story. 

Alix Goffic (drummer) of QNA explains “This is an example of how people from various parts of the world can collab and create something to support a cause. The social climate in this day and age are tearing families, countries, and ethnicities apart and I hope this song translates their feelings and gives them hope for better days.” 

The song blends reggae vibes with jazz musicianship over a touch of classic hip hop and raw lyricism – a skill these out-the-box musicians have been able to embody and master. “Outlaw” is the bands’ way of spreading the importance of unity, bridging one community at a time. Roots Percussionist exclaims “an outlaw is someone living in a place which has a social and economic system that doesn’t fully welcome them. Because of the system’s structure to control, they can’t easily qualify for citizenship (or a stable immigration status), and can’t make life there comfortably.” 

The single is now available on all digital platforms. You can also check the guys out live at their weekly Jam Session in the Bronx, Voice Out Jams – a safe space for creatives to showcase their art or just catch a vibe! Keep up with all things Voice Out @voiceoutjams 

About QNA:

QNA is a band from New York City. With a cultural background that spans across American, Afro-Caribbean, South-East Asian and European traditions, they make music that reflects their love of adventure. They fuse a multitude of genres; but having studied under the likes of John Pattitucci, Danilo Perez, and The Last Poets, their music is in the language of jazz and hip-hop. XII, their debut EP has attracted the attention of Sway’s Universe amongst others. Their motto is simple: don’t try so hard. Stop overthinking, keep exploring, and stay listening.

About Roots Percussionist: 

Hector Lewis (aka Roots Percussionist) is a Percussionist, Drummer and Music Educator. Currently, Roots Percussionist is the background vocalist and percussionist for arguably the world’s biggest Reggae band Chronixx and ZincFence Redemption. He is a two-time Grammy Nominated musician, and is endorsed by Regal Drumsticks of the United States as well as Tycoon Percussion in Thailand. Hector’s love for music began in his days at church in his hometown of Spanish Town, where his mother performed. She was the legendary Jamaican daughter of the soil, Barbara Jones. His passion led him to study at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, earning himself a degree in Music Education and Performance. It was there that he met Denver “Feluke” Smith, who graciously mentored him in the art of Percussion and that set the path for his illustrious music career today.

About Royal KhaoZ:

Dretegs, Bama, and Coco, who have been members since its inception formed the band in 2010 right in the Bronx and have been producing heartfelt and powerful tunes ever since. Vassell always familiar with the band’s work, plays on the drums and percussion. Thriving on their roots and culture, Royal KhaoZ’s music focuses on positivity, love, and empowerment. Every one of their songs leave a lasting message that can reach any listener. The band possesses the ability to represent reggae in its truest form, while tastefully applying their own twist to traditional and conventional sounds. Drawing influences from soul, funk, pop, and rock, the group prides themselves on creating raw and organic reggae fusion.


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