11 Celebrities Who Rock Sustainable Fashion

Green is the new black, or so the fashion tides keep proving in the past several years, with more celebs and influencers coming out as fighters for our blue planet’s survival. Now, if you’re looking for some inspiration to green up your own wardrobe with some sustainable pieces, look no further than these ladies and gentlemen who have managed to endorse or create their own labels in support of all things eco-friendly, yet stylish.

1. Rosario Dawson

The born and raised NYC gal has earned quite a reputation for her many diverse accomplishments.  In addition to building her own label by the name of Studio One Eighty Nine in the spirit of greater sustainability, she also modeled for the latest H&M Conscious Collection. Together with stylist Abrima Erwiah, this actress and activist works towards a future of using fashion as a vessel for social change.

2. Jessica Alba

This stunning actress has proven many times over that her fame and fortune will be used to promote good causes. She is a sterling example of building her own business based on the same principles of Earth-friendly practices, and she herself explains how all the little decisions affect building a more sustainable mindset towards your style. From getting your clothes from a reputable online fashion store to reduce your carbon footprint, to opting for long-lasting classic pieces, every choice matters in creating a more sustainable future.

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3. Salma Hayek

The iconic actress has become a role model for many when it comes to her commitment to making the world a better place for our children. In addition to playing a role in numerous green organizations, she has influenced her powerful husband, the Head of the Gucci Group to introduce more eco-friendly practices to this luxurious brand.

4. Penelope Cruz

Thinking outside the proverbial box is something of a specialty for this celebrity, as she has gone above and beyond to make a difference for a more sustainable world. This time, she is promoting a more eco-conscious take on jewelry, another typically overlooked aspect of style. Once again, she shows that you need to practice what you preach and find a way to adjust yourself to the needs of our planet – which can be done by choosing artisan, sustainable baubles in addition to clothing.

5. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Known for her love for vibrancy and use of rich colors, this veteran Spanish designer is a perfect example of persistence in sustainable practices without foregoing her authentic approach to design. By utilizing organic materials, recycling whenever possible, and creating with longevity in mind, she is at the very forefront of the eco movement of today.

6. Will.I.Am

His unique sense of style is no coincidence. This Black Eyed Pea actually studied fashion at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. However, taking it a step further, he actually partnered up with Coca Cola to use the waste from one of their concerts into sustainable, stylish garments. Today, it’s a growing fashion brand that is stirring up the highest fashion ranks to make smarter, Earth-friendlier decisions.

7. Roger Loayza

Boldly entering the fashion scene, this Peruvian designer is making great strides in introducing a fresh Latin American angle to sustainable fashion. Abandoning animal products from all manufacturing processes and sticking to a very slow fashion mindset, Roger Loayza is indeed offering a unique take on eco-friendly garments.

8. Serena Williams

Last year, this world-renowned tennis player and activist has once again stepped up to a global challenge and produced her own clothing line with a green twist: it is entirely vegan and cruelty-free. In line with her lifestyle, beliefs, as well as her athletic selfhood, she designed a collection of empowering garments every athleisure fan will fall in love with.

9. Gina Rodriguez

Using every opportunity to raise awareness and contribute to educating the world on better fashion practices, this actress mastered the art of wearing and supporting sustainable garments. As an example of her dedication, she wore an eco-friendly dress to the Oscars a few years ago, showing just how haute and hot any sustainable take on fashion can be.

10. Pharrell Williams

The singer is not only a charming celebrity rocking the music scene, but he also spends a lot of his precious time investing in sustainable fashion. He is mostly focused on creating gorgeous pieces made of recycled plastic and raising awareness on cleaning the oceans and reducing our negative impact on the environment.

11. Rihanna

If there’s anyone who has transformed the world of activewear, that would be this incredible singer. She has earned herself a reputation with the Fenty X Puma collections that have stolen the spotlight ever since they were launched. What most people don’t realize is that as soon as Puma began their collaboration with Rihanna, they have taken on a new challenge of bringing more sustainable practices to their brand, such as monitoring their carbon emissions and building a sustainable strategy for the future.

When you think that fashion boils down to those iconic fashion shows – think again. These celebrities are proving that this industry is finally making great changes happen for all of us to enjoy a cleaner, greener future, all the while looking as stunning as ever.

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