The Re-Introduction of Daron Jones: Timeless Music Making a Comeback

Daron Jones, who first made a name for himself as a member of the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning group 112, is far from being done with setting the right tone in music. Now plenty of songs and awards later, he’s ready for a new stage. Daron’s goal, according to his bio, is to establish a body of classic and timeless music that reflects the artist he is today.

His work touches an incredible number and caliber of artists – behind the scenes he has made his presence felt by working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Biggie, Usher, Pink, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Price, and Faith Evans. Daron is also an accomplished songwriter and producer. He is responsible for writing and producing some of 112’s biggest hits, including Cupid, It’s Over Now, Dance With Me, and Player. He also wrote and produced Keyshia Cole’s hit song “I Should Have Cheated.” At that time, many doubted that the song would be a hit. This is a testament to timing, perseverance, and faith, all the things Daron Jones carries with him daily, along with a strong will to win.


Recent Popular Appearances

Daron and 112 received a standing ovation during their electrifying performance on the 2017 Soul Train Music Awards. Award host Erykah Badu introduced the group, telling the crowd to “give it up for Michael, Daron, Q and Slim – 112.” In support of their comeback album, the Bad Boy quartet opened with their single “Dangerous Games,” showing that their vocals were as strong as ever. Dressed in dashing black suits, they transitioned into a medley of classics including “It’s Over Now,” “Peaches & Cream,” and “Cupid” where they performed a choreographed dance. 112 had the whole arena clapping along and swaying side-to-side.

Daron and 112 also performed on the Wendy Williams Show in 2017, further solidifying his place in the public stage. And you may have seen Daron Jones go viral last year when he sang with 112 during Love & Hip Hop star Safaree’s surprise engagement to fellow show star Erica Mena on Christmas Eve. According to TMZ, Safaree surprised his fiancée with 20,000 rose petals surrounded by 200 candles before popping the question. 112 was in the house singing “Cupid” and “Crazy Over You” in front of a full, live band in her living room.

We can’t forget Daron’s 2015 cover of Hello by Adele, which currently has over 25,000 YouTube views.

With an 80,000 social media following, Daron has set the stage for his next artistic debut.  

Recent Music Launches

Daron’s single, The Way We Used To Be, debuted on Atlanta’s V-103 FM.

Following up the success of his R&B project, The Unofficial Diary of Daron Jones, he released part 2, The Unofficial Diary of Daron Jones Vol. 2. Amazingly, he performs all of the vocals and instruments. This project consists of 6 classic R&B covers such as: Cause I Love You by Lenny Williams, You Are My Starship by Norman Connors, and Giving Up by Donny Hathaway.

Last year, his pop-up tour, Diary 2 Tour, kicked off in Atlanta, GA on February 11, 2018, to a sold-out crowd.

Daron’s hit single, Say Sum, was stamped as the summer’s club banger, according to Soul Bounce. The track tells the tale of Daron seeing the perfect woman, who he compliments during the entire three-minute song. The single is simple and gets straight to the point; Daron sees what he wants and goes after it. This attitude can be seen in his art and the way he conducts his music business.

Daron and 112 are no stranger to touring – they wrapped the Puff Daddy Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour at the end of 2016, and the 90’s Block Tour in Spring 2018.


So what’s next for Daron?

During the February release of his latest album Human on Spotify last month, he had this to say: “So grateful for everyone who has been supporting the movement! Me and my team have been putting a lot of work in pushing all four singles on and offline for the past few months and now my album Human is available on all platforms! The album got over 10k streams in the first hour of its release thanks to my #teamdaronjones community! Thank you guys so much for inspiring me to keep making the music I believe in!!!”


As if that wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for his next album Pleasure, dropping in April 2019. “For this new album Pleasure I really wanna bring you guys closer into my process,” Daron says in a recent Instagram post.

“The songs I write and produce generally start out as an idea sang into my phone. Next, I sit down at the keyboard and create the basic structure and composition, then I marinate on it, come back, and slowly add musical layers until the vibe feels just right. After that, I drop the vocals.”

Daron’s focus isn’t just entertainment, as good as he is at it. “I want to be looked at as someone who invested in becoming excellent for the purpose of serving others. I do what I do to make people happy. To give people a reason to dream, and reach for the things that may seem intangible. I am a people pleaser, but I remain true to myself in the process.” As he likes to say, humility doesn’t mind hard work. His idealism and authenticity is contagious, and 2019 looks like it’s going to be a great year for Daron Jones.

Listen to our detailed conversation with Daron Jones in the full episode above.

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