112’s Q Parker Executive Producing New Documentary, Album

ATLANTA – Quinnes “Q” Parker, founding member of the Grammy-winning group 112, announced today that he is launching an Indiegogo campaign to help support the documentary film The Bridge Project, for which he serves as Executive Producer. 

The film, which also will be accompanied by an album of the same name, is a visual and musical journey that details the arcs and fills in the gaps between three of black culture’s most foundational elements – brotherhood, R&B and gospel music. The 90-minute documentary is a labor of love for Parker, who took inspiration from his own background in coming up with the film’s concept. 

“I grew up in the church, but I received an R&B record deal,” Parker says. “As I’ve navigated through the industry, I’ve noticed there’s a huge divide between the genres. I said, ‘I don’t want to live in this anymore.’ So, The Bridge Project tears the walls down and says these artists can co-exist.”

The documentary, which will be shot in and around Atlanta, explores the history of R&B and gospel during the Civil Rights era, when artists went back and forth between genres and played a major role in communicating black culture; the reasons why R&B and gospel began to separate themselves and the stigmas associated with gospel/secular collaborations; and how brotherhood in the music industry can help bridge the gaps in the culture. 

With interviews from notable R&B and gospel artists, and testimonials from important voices in the African-American community, The Bridge Project aims to reshape the narrative around cross-collaboration and prove that unity is the most important bridge. 

Parker is the creator of the  Q Parker Legacy Foundation, under which he formed Brothers United of Atlanta, whose mission is to strengthen and empower men, no matter the socioeconomic status.   

Joining Parker on the film are Executive Producer Dora Din Whittley, co-founder of global talent and business management, media, production and consulting firm Whittley Agency; Line Producer Anthony J. Davis, whose Vision 75/80 shingle has produced several successful short films; and Writer/Researcher Free The Vision. 

“I firmly believe that this film can place a spotlight on an issue that affects both the music industry and the black community at-large,” Parker says. “In these fractured times, artists can use their voices to preach a message of unity, hope and brotherhood, no matter their musical genre. The Bridge Project is my way of showing how we can build a stronger community through music.”

You can donate to The Bridge project by clicking HERE.

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