5-Years of Southern Laced: Always remember why you started.

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Photo Credit: Elite Images Photography (unedited)


Southern Laced was born out of creativity during a very dark time in my life. Over the course of five years, it has slowly revealed itself as a quiet retreat filled with beauty, smiles, and vibrations of uncontainable sparkles and magical moments.

Every day, you’ll find me quietly humming as I orbit this God-given masterpiece that’s so much bigger than one earthly being.

In a world that is filled with so much negativity, Southern Laced is my personal reminder that I must be a light. So I’m constantly reexamining why I do the things I do because I am responsible for the energy I release into the atmosphere.

“Always remember why you started. Get back to the basics… Otherwise, you’ll start to neglect your gift.” – Kelly Stone

In celebration of our 5th year anniversary, Southern Laced will embrace creative reflection and manifestation. We hope that our online audience, which consists of men and women from all over the globe, will take this journey with us as we continue to embark upon a trail of creativity, love, and light.

In my free eBook, Creatively Laced, I shared 5 Steps To Unleashing An Uninhibited Creative Process. Consider it a guide as you reflect and manifest the things you desire to create in 2019. Together, we can share in the sacredness of creative power, unlimited love, and infinite light… intertwined and OFFICIALLY LAC3D

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Photo Credit: Elite Images Photography (unedited)

Laced with Love,

Kelly Stone
Founder and Editorial Director

Getting Laced on Life, Arts, Inspiration & Real Life People.” – Southern Laced

Southern Laced has had the opportunity to interview some of the greatest stars of our time. I am often mesmerized by the favor God has shown us over the years. Yes, there have been many obstacles. We’ve had more than one setback but there is one thing I am certain of. Southern Laced survived by way of hard work and creativity born through consistency and determination. Click HERE to invest in the continued growth and success of Southern Laced. 

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