(Atlanta, GA – Thursday, October 11, 2018) – L.A Reid’s new music label HITCO recently teamed up with Raphael Saadiq’s production company, Toler Heights Music, to sign songstress The Bonfyre. The Atlanta based singer caught the attention of Saadiq a few years ago, who would work with her to develop and hone her signature soulful style.

The Bonfyre’s EP Ready to Love, released on August 17, introduces her hypnotic hybrid of slick R&B and widescreen pop powered by rafter-reaching vocals, vivid lyricism, and raw emotionality. The first single, also titled “Ready to Love” is an upbeat and catchy tune that will bring a sense of nostalgia to any listener.

The name Bonfyre perfectly explains this rising musical flame as she exclaims, “everything should sound and feel like a bonfire. When I think of a bonfire, it’s super inviting and fun. All are welcome. It’s a no-judgment zone. I hope listeners can gravitate towards what I’m doing in a similar way. Bonfyre is relatable and touchable, but she’s not your normal, average girl.”

The Bonfyre is ready to leave a lasting impression on fans. “With my music, I want to mark people’s memories,” she leaves off. “I pin music to so many of my memories. I want everybody to be able to do the same. The goal is to resonate on that universal level.”For more updates on the Bonfyre follow her @thebonfyre on all social media platforms.

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