Meghan Markle’s Best Red Carpet Moments

Meghan Markle’s Best Red Carpet Moments


So, the long-anticipated royal wedding finally took place, and it was all that one could expect from a royal wedding and more. The fact that there was a church gospel choir that sang Stand By Me was just icing on the diversity that dominated this wedding. Aside from the fact that numerous Hollywood glitterati attended the wedding, let’s not forget the most important aspect of all, and that is the fact that for the first time in British history, the bride is a biracial woman, which is a huge deal and a huge step towards diversifying and modernizing the monarchy, and it is about time. Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, will have to make huge adjustments in her life. She will be focusing on her and her husband’s shared passion – philanthropic and charity work and has already let go of her blog, her acting career as well as her personal Instagram account. However, as with Kate Middleton, we suspect there will be a plethora of great style moments, some of which have happened already, but until that day comes, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about some of the greatest red carpet moments during which Markle completely stole the show with her grace and signature style.

Knowing her audience


Every style icon knows that one of the main style secrets is dressing for the occasion and knowing your audience. While attending the Women’s Empowerment reception in central London, Markle opted for a conservative yet interesting black sheath midi dress with an asymmetrical neckline, ankle-strap stilettos and a small black clutch with a subtle clasp. This outfit is equal parts alluring and conservative, her signature loose updo a perfect choice for the outfit, and of course, minimal makeup. With this look, Markle showed us that not only can we look attractive and modest at the same time, but that an all-black outfit is always a foolproof one, for any given occasion – except perhaps jogging.

A real woman


There are certain outfits that make Markle so approachable and relatable, and more than that, show us that we too can dress like royalty. One such ensemble that any woman in the world could pull off is the one featuring a simple cream sweater, a dark green pencil skirt, chocolate velvet pumps with a matching leather handbag and a simple and timelessly elegant beige coat with wide lapels. With her simple updo and again just a smidge of makeup, she teaches us a valuable lesson – even the most modest outfits are photo-worthy ones because there is nothing more appealing than a woman who can be fully covered and still look stunning.

The royal blue


Before she became Prince Harry’s fiancé, Markle was free to go as extravagant with her outfits as she wanted, and we simply can’t help but love the irony that for one of Hollywood events she opted for a royal blue one-shoulder dress with a midi-length skirt. The former actress seems to foster a love for asymmetrical garments, and just by looking at her, it becomes clear why. A bit of asymmetry, especially in the neckline area brings a certain je ne sais quoi to any garment and makes it more interesting. Of course, there is the minimal makeup again, and this repetitive makeup style must have something to do with the fact that Markle has a killer smile, and she’s probably aware that it is her strongest asset. Of course, if the Markle smile is what you’re after, there are always ways to get it. Australians put their trust in the professionals who create the finest porcelain veneers in Melbourne, at times in combination with similar procedures such as Invisalign, gum contouring and teeth whitening. The royal smile is within your reach, you just need to find the best possible clinic and professionals in whose hands you can put your trust and your future smile.

The fashion-forward Markle


As said, the Duchess certainly knows her audience, and the Toronto Fashion Week red carpet look is no exception. The white pencil skirt and the matching crop top look she rocked was topped off with an edgy and fashionable white leather jacket. Why? At fashion week, you are expected to take things up a notch in terms of following current trends, so it’s no wonder she ditched her conservativeness to a certain extent and went with something on trend and on point. Seeing as how white is still a dominant color, you can totally emulate this look.

Best for last


We don’t know about you, but aside from her wedding look, perhaps the most iconic outfit the Duchess wore during her acting days is the one featuring a violet-burgundy strapless dress – again with a modest midi pencil skirt. The dress may have been completely inconspicuous but the vertical ruching on the satin top made it a complete winner, along with a modest yet poignant golden clutch.

What have we learned from her best looks? A little goes a long way, never underestimate the power of the perfect smile, and a flattering pencil skirt for that matter, and for eternal elegance, always keep your color palette in check as when in doubt, simplicity is the best route to take.

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