Chic Green Living Space Ideas

Green interior design is not only beneficial for the environment, but it’s also infinitely stylish. It helps us create healthier, more inspiring homes that exude tranquillity and serenity. By making your home eco-friendly, you’ll both contribute to the environment preservation and invite nature’s elegance, peacefulness and effortless beauty to your sanctuary.

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Natural area rugs for comfort and health

Have you ever heard of off-gassing? Off-gassing is a process typical of items that have been treated with toxic chemicals that they release into the air over the course of time. For instance, a brand-new area rug has that peculiar, “fresh smell” smell for weeks after the purchase. This is actually the smell of chemicals being released (off-gassed) into your indoor air, reducing its quality. Unfortunately, the fact that you can’t smell it after a while doesn’t mean that your stylish new area rug is no longer off-gassing. On the contrary, some of the most dangerous chemicals are actually odorless.
However, there’s a much greener and healthier solution – natural rugs made of organic, healthy fibers. Jute, sisal, hemp, organic cotton and wools are just some of the possible alternatives that will both style up your home and make it healthier. The same goes for other textiles, such as bedding, upholstery, curtains and covers – natural materials will give your home a beautiful organic touch.

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A splash of VOC-free paint

Speaking of chemicals, the traditional paints are one of your worst enemies! They are fraught with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substances that are extremely dangerous for both your health and the environment. Therefore, if you want to introduce a sense of novelty to your home with a splash of color, you should go with no-VOC paint. However, since VOC-free paint can be on the expensive side, you can opt for low-VOC alternatives or let your home air for a while after you’ve painted it.


Plants as natural accessories

You’re probably more than aware of the fact that plants take in carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen into the air. Well, did you know that they also absorb toxic chemicals, releasing harmless by-products? This makes them the healthiest home accessory there is that will undoubtedly elevate your home décor. What’s even better is that you can introduce them to any room in your home, including the bathroom. Furthermore, you can even grow your own indoor herb garden that will serve as both an organic food source, the ultimate air filter and a beautiful embellishment. You can go even a step further and design a lush and stylish green wall, a chic addition that will provide you with numerous benefits, including improved insulation, increased indoor air quality and elevated visual appeal.

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The organic beauty of sustainable materials

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials that you can implement in your home. However, more often than not, it comes at a price. Aside from the fact that many wood species are endangered, the chemicals that coat wood contain a ton of VOCs. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives that will enable you to bring in the warmth of wood to your home. You can go with cork, bamboo, salvaged or recycled wood for rich home appeal. Furthermore, there are other sustainable materials that you can use, including natural stone or recycled glass, porcelain and aluminum. Mixing these sustainable materials in your home will help you create a stunning play of texture and a healthy, eco-friendly environment.

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Eco-friendly lighting for warmth and ambience 

The typical incandescent light bulbs are rapidly going out of fashion. Although they are affordable, they are less durable, consume more energy and provide poor lighting, especially compared to the green alternatives. LEDs and CFLs are the leading lighting trend that will fill your home with a beautiful glow. They cost less in the long run because they last longer and consume less energy. In addition, they also come in a variety of colors and intensities that you can use to create a specific ambience in your home.

The ‘green mentality’ starts at your very own doorstep. By embracing green design ideas, not only will you save the environment, but you’ll also elevate your home style.

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